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Tempt Brands is a fairly new online clothing retailer. Headquartered in Montreal, the company launched in July 2015 and has made more than $3 million in less than a year – a phenomenal feat. Tempt Brand sells branded apparel and accessories for women, men and children, offering savings of up to 80 percent off original retail price.

Some featured brands include Michael Kors, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Balenciaga, Givenchy and many more. The e-retailer lists new items weekly until items sell out and guarantees shipping within 24 to 48 hours.

RM asked Tempt Brands CEO and co-founder Natalie Ben-Zur how she developed the company and how it has been so successful in such a short amount of time.


What was the inspiration behind Tempt Brands?

Tempt Brands was created with the inspiration of "We know what not to do." My partner and I were involved in the extreme growth of another very high profile website. Over the years, we grew very frustrated with all the mistakes and poor decisions that were made. So, when we got together and worked on the business plan, we just made sure to outline all the things that just didn't work and highlighted all the things we wanted to do better. 

What sets the company apart from other e-retailers?

It's all about the customer service.  We take pride that we keep approximately 80% of the items we sell in stock. This allows us to fulfill orders within 24 hours. For example, if someone purchases something from the site before 3:30 pm (EST) it will be shipped that day. We live in a ‘want-it-now’ world.  No one wants to wait three weeks to receive an order.  Also, due to our relationships in the industry over the years, we are able to get deals on some of the best brands.  We can then pass along these deals to the customers.

temptbrandslogoWhat have been your biggest challenges in creating the company? How did you overcome them?

The truth is setting up the company and the website was pretty trouble-free.  We have been involved with this industry for the last seven years.  So we had the vision and knew what we needed to do to get the company set up and the site built.  We were also incredibly fortunate to have some great advisors that saw us through the trickier times.

Our one true test was when we went looking for financing. We had the plan, and the vision, but were running on a shoestring budget. We met with many potential investors, but all offers we received just didn't seem right. Then one day – by chance – we had a meeting set up with a marketing company to discuss our marketing for the site. We gave them a tour of the warehouse and mentioned that they would make great partners. We would handle the buying and the day to day, and they would handle the marketing. Three weeks later we had a letter of intent, and a pretty sizable investment.

How did it grow so quickly?

Again, we learned that you can't just rely on one facet of the business to grow.  Aside form the website, we also have a wholesale side of the business, which allows us to move our inventory to other websites around the world.

Why are you able to offer such fast shipping times?

Simple, if it's in the warehouse. You can just pick, pack and ship it in no time at all. We have some customers that have placed an order at 3:45pm on a Tuesday, and have received their order the next day. You can't do much better then that!

What do you look for in a brand to sell?

We look for what's hot: the brands that are known and being worn by celebrities.  Everyone wants to wear a brand and have everyone know they are wearing the brand. However, they also want to feel that they are getting a deal.

What are you most proud of at the company?

That we do things right and honest. We truly believe that the customer is all that matters, and if you can keep them happy, they will keep coming back.   We're also pretty proud that we built this from scratch and have seen all our plans actually come to be.

Visit Tempt Brands at www.temptbrands.com or follow them on Twitter @temptbrands. Get 10% off your first purchase at checkout with coupon code: WELCOME10.

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