Perfetti Van Melle, the worldwide confectionary company, believes in spreading the joy of its brands through more than just candy. “We try to have everything we do speak about the brand, and tell stories around the brand in different ways,” says Christine Cool, licensing area manager for the Barcelona-based company. “Our products truly give a sense of enjoyment to people.” 

Product licensing is one way the brand tells its story, and we showcase some of the exciting products below from both Chupa Chups® and Airheads® in this week's Merchandise Monday. For more information about Perfetti Van Melle, read the story in our May/June issue

Chupa Chups lipbalms

Taste Beauty: Chupa Chups® for sweet lips

Taste Beauty’s lip balms and other cosmetics products are scented and flavored just like Chupa Chups®’ iconic lollipops! The Chupa Chups® line will also include lip gloss, nail polish, cosmetic bags and gift sets.

BAGNY Airheads

Bag NY: Airheads® exciting lip glosses and nail sets

Discover the cute range of lip glosses, nail sets and silicone case clips… All you need to color match your nails with your lips and shimmer and glitter with these cute lip and nail pots. Ooooh… smelling so delicious!

icecream airheads

Koldwave: Airheads® flavoricious ice creams

Koldwave Foods LLC has brought the iconic Airheads® candy brand experience to the frozen aisle with a lineup of Airheads® frozen novelties that provide new ways for consumers to snack and refresh. Airheads® 'Mixed Berry' DitZ and Airheads® Xtremes 'Fruitiest Fruit' DitZ are mini bits of ice cream providing a playful take on a consumer favorite. Airheads® Chillers are a new twist on a traditional novelty, featuring a three-staged 'Patriot Pop' or a variety pack of single-flavor pops in Orange, Strawberry and Grape – both options deliver Airheads® signature intense flavors. All items are available nationally in your grocer’s freezer section.

Car Air fresheners

Carpa Design: Mentos® and Chupa Chups® car air fresheners

Car Parts Trading has created an amazing range of Chupa Chups® and Mentos® car air fresheners, distributed in several European and Asian markets. Orange, lemon, strawberry, cherry, vanilla… choose your favorite flavor to put a sweet or fresh touch to your car with Mentos® or Chupa Chups® aromas.

Pillows Airheads

Iscream: Airheads® super-size lifestyle products

Love Airheads® candies? Check out Iscream’s new line of Airheads® pillows for your room. They come in three flavors: Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Cherry. Each pillow is oversized, measuring 26” x 12”, and very squishy, ideal to play with. Look out for them at IT’SUGAR stores across the nation.

packshot bananacherry

Unilever: Chupa Chups® super tasty ice cream

Taste the freshness and the fun with Chupa Chups® Calippo Shots. You can find it around Europe in two different flavors: Cherry Banana and Cola Lemon. Millions of refreshing mini-balls will burst in your mouth! A real taste explosion!

Mentos selfie stick

Accessawear: Mentos® original electronics devices

Mentos® and Accessawear partner to bring innovation and the renowned Mentos® brand to the forefront of consumer electronics. The incredible line of products includes protective and decorative cell phone cases, fun and colorful digital coin banks, Mentos®-shaped earbuds and dancing color themed water speakers.

Jay Candles Mentos

Jay Company: Mentos® scented candles

Mint, cinnamon, fruit… Jay Company have developed a range of wonderful fragrance candles linked with the most popular Mentos® flavors, available in major retailers such as Rite Aid. Soon the range will be completed with diffusers, tart burners and more to sweeten your home with a pleasant aroma.

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By Stephanie Crets

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