By Peggy Chen, CMO at SDL

Scott Brinker’s 2016 marketing technology supergraphic cites 3,874 different martech solutions on the market. With so many options available, how can retail marketers determine where to focus? What’s most important: personalization or global content? Mobile or social? When it comes down to it, it’s all about what will encourage customers to complete the buying cycle. Here are some tips for how to make that happen.

Create and distribute compelling content

Content marketing has grown in popularity for good reason – it works. Websites, e-mail blasts, blogs and research all help retailers reach their audience more effectively and ensure they’re satisfied with their purchases and brand experience. When it comes to publishing, drafting compelling content is the easy part. For this content to be impactful, it’s essential to know how and when to push it out to customers.

Reaching shoppers where they are and at the right time often means the difference between a conversion and a click away to a competitor’s site. Marketers need to have easy-to-use publishing tools that can distribute content across channels and platforms to meet consumers at the right place and the right time, whether that’s on a mobile device, a company blog or any other channel.

Personalize customer experiences to encourage completed buying cycles

Research shows that consumers are willing to share personal data as long as companies use it to tailor their offerings based on individual preferences. For example, consumers are more likely to agree to having their past purchase data aggregated and analyzed if it means retailers will use it to offer more personalized product recommendations. If customers feel that a brand understands them and their personal preferences, they are more inclined to complete a purchase, especially online.

By offering personalized communications and recommendations, organizations can step up customer experiences and will see the return in the form of more conversions and loyal customers.

Localize global content

Even amidst a large international audience, it’s essential to take into account each customer’s specific location and language preferences. In fact, 32 percent of millennial consumers in English-speaking countries prefer a language other than English and 46 percent are more likely to purchase if information is presented in their preferred languages.

This means that to connect with a majority of consumers, content must be translated into the appropriate languages and tweaked for cultural nuances. Content that reflects things like local holidays, the end of a school year or local events all create a local connection – retailers who provide this are one step closer to earning loyal customers. Marketers should make sure they can quickly and accurately translate and create local content in real-time so that no market feels left out.

Integrate efforts for a seamless CX

It’s not just about having the right tools in place to create positive customer experiences. It’s also about ensuring that all these tools work together in a way that helps to provide a seamless experience. Developing multilingual content ecosystems is a great way for marketers to create content, translate it and publish it on a global scale without significant extra time and effort.

It’s an exciting time for retailers with all the new tools available to them, but it’s important they know which ones will benefit them most. Without the right tools working together, content will not be leveraged to its full potential and certain markets and customers will miss out – which ultimately means retailers miss out. Having the right technology to create, distribute, translate, personalize and localize content is mission critical to competing in an increasingly crowded, global retail market.

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