Greg Shepard CTO PepperjamHaving a successful content marketing strategy toady is crucial to the success of an affiliate campaign. By Greg Shepard

With an explosion in content—and the growing technologies that support and serve it—it’s no surprise content multitasking has become the norm. According to a recent Adobe study, while watching TV, 59 percent browsed the internet, 39 percent checked a social media feed and 34 percent posted to social media. This means that the best way to catch a consumer is through multiple touch points – which means for a marketer to expand their targets and platforms within their content strategy.

Feeding A Content-Hungry World

More important than the quality of content is timing. It’s crucial that marketers approach consumers with the right content, at the right time. The same Adobe study found that, while consuming content on multiple devices, 81 percent are entertained, 76 percent are more productive and 53 percent are more focused. What a perfectly receptive mindset for a consumer to receive engaging content from a marketer, right?

All this content — and because there is increasingly so much of it — must designed in a way that makes it easily consumable. It needs to be succinct, display well on all devices, hold attention, and support your perfectly orchestrated omnichannel efforts. 

Content Fuels Performance Marketing

It’s no surprise the decline in revenue publishers generate from traditional advertising has led to the growth of native advertising which has opened huge opportunities for performance marketing-related activities. Content, always a staple in the performance marketing landscape, is now at the forefront of every brand’s marketing efforts.

This shift away from traditional online advertising towards a more content-focused approach has vastly expanded the possibilities for performance marketing-related solutions. Where there is marketing-focused content, there is opportunity to sell product and where there is opportunity to sell product, there is room for performance marketing to make it happen.

As an example of the injection of performance marketing tactics into content marketing, Gawker Media, according to Business Insider, generated $100 million in gross revenues bringing in $10 million from its e-commerce operations in 2015. Much of that revenue came from Gawker’s in-house native advertising group which, much like bloggers curating and sharing news items, curates retail and other deals and posts them as stories on Gawker. In those posts are Amazon affiliate links and Skimlinks.

According to a Business Insider report, Gawker's conversion rate ranges from 8 percent to 12 percent, much higher than the average 2 percent to 3 percent. In that same report, it was noted that Gawker ran an Amazon Prime promotion which netted 25,000 subscriptions for Amazon.

Performance Marketing-Focused Content Serves Consumers’ Micro-Moment Needs

Perhaps you’ve heard of micro-moment marketing? In Google’s version of the micro-moment, a brand pays Google to run an ad that is then found when a person performs a search for a particular product or something nearby. That ad leads to some kind of branded micro-moment landing page with an offer. The same thing can happen with content creators who are touting products and brands in their feeds, which spikes consumer interest.

Consumers then turn to Google to find the thing that will satiate their need, sure, they might see an ad at the top of the page but they will also see thousands of other organic sources for the same need.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Performance-based content designed for an omnichannel world that addresses each and every need of the consumer? It’s really the natural and logical next step in a content-driven, performance marketing world. Multi-tasking consumers are eager for insightful, informative content that addresses their immediate needs. Having a successful content strategy in place can help meet these goals.

Greg Shepard, CTO of Pepperjam, is a seasoned veteran in building and running sustainable growth businesses.

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