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Buffalo, NY - April 24, 2019 - SPLiCE has reached an exciting milestone as the trade organization celebrates 15 years of collaboration between brand licensors across the globe. With a common belief that we are “stronger together,” a community of licensors (which spans across a wide range of brands) has been able to share amongst each other best practices for protecting, promoting, and enhancing brand integrity.

With Founding Member companies The Coca-Cola Company, Mattel Inc., The Walt Disney Company, and Kimberly A. Kociencki, CEO, recognized a need in the industry to be able to provide brand licensing with the ability to better network with similar departments in different corporations. This was the motivation and founding spirit behind SPLiCE, established in 2004, and proudly remains the driving force today. What began that first year as a 17 company “think tank” has quickly evolved into a collaboration of 70+ organizations spanning across 40 industry sectors representing 20% of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 89% of those responsible or accountable for their licensing programs are actively engaged in SPLiCE.

Kociencki, while reflecting on the organization’s 15th anniversary said, “This has been the busiest, most rewarding 15 years of my professional career. It’s amazing how quickly it’s flown by. The original vision stands today to continuously improve brand licensing. Each year, we are proactive in our approaches to protect, promote, and enhance our vision through sharing best practices. Our network of licensors is strong and growing on a daily basis. With that said, I’d love to take this opportunity to thank our community for their passion, input and collaboration to enhance brand integrity, and most importantly for those of you who have had faith in SPLiCE from the beginning.”

In addition to Town Hall virtual meetings and webinars, SPLiCE, with the support of the licensing community, has been able to organize a multitude of in-person events through the years to facilitate networking across organizations. Fan favorites (and largely attended) have been the Licensors Summit™ hosted annually in Las Vegas, the New Year Meeting, and the Licensors Workshop set to be hosted in Washington D.C. this year with the U.S. Postal Service Licensing Team.

Looking forward to 2020 and beyond, the benchmark initiatives will remain focused on what our membership believes is most important for licensing programs to drive efficiencies and success. Benchmark teams currently include Food Licensing, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Anticounterfeiting, Royalty Collection Best Practices, Brand Licensing Valuation, Legal Benchmark, Product Regulatory Compliance, Technology Licensing, Organizational Structure, and eMarketplace Business Best Practices.

For more information about brand licensing and SPLiCE, you can visit www.SPLiCElicensing.com or contact Ashlee at Ashlee@SPLiCEonline.com.


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