What do other retail executives say about RM?

Oh my gosh this article made me cry thank you so much you're an amazing writer and just thank you so much for this opportunity your words expressed and also including my credit to God for helping me create what I have today is very much appreciated take care and God bless.

-Janyl Adair, President and CEO of Sarda

Thank you for your professionalism Joy. The story is really impactful and makes us all very proud of our commitment to “doing anything for baby”.

-Bill Partyka, CEO

Judy, The Article was awesome and we're looking forward to a great 2018.

-Bernard Luthi, CEO

Thanks so much Joy. Article came out great. Very happy!

-Tom Anderson, President & CEO
The Paper Store

We appreciate being featured as your cover story in the Jan/Feb issue. It was great to be able to tell our story to your readers and to share that with our partners. The piece turned out great.

-Stormy Simon, President

Eric, Its the best written piece I have seen since I got here…very well done. Roll with it!!! and if I can ever help you or you would like to come see one of the news formats give me a call. The business in the remodel stores is off the charts and we are making plans for rolling as I type.

-Jack Buley, President & Chief Executive Officer
The Bargain Shop

Amanda, I think the story came out very well and really appreciate the publication selecting 7-Eleven, Inc. as #1 among companies over 50.

-Margaret Chabris, Director of Corporate Communications
7-Eleven, Inc.

I saw that your May/June issue is now available on your website. The MVT feature looks great!!! Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

-Tara Morrill
Development Counsellors International (DCI)

Hi Amanda! This is absolutely perfect from where I stand. Thanks so much for writing such a wonderfully compelling piece! Thanks so much for the time and effort that you put into this—it reads beautifully and also captures the excitement we are all feeling around the anniversary, so thanks so much and well done!

-Maire Gorman, Vice President of Sales and Children's Marketing
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade and Reference Division

Amanda, just heard back from Tom Bennett, Worldwide CEO of Bravado, who has returned from traveling abroad. He is thrilled with how the story in Retail Merchandiser came out. He said it was very comprehensive and the best he has seen since he’s been running the company.

-Peter Lofrumento, PR
Universal Music Group

Thank you for taking time to interview Mark for Retail Merchandiser. You wrote a very nice article on CMG Worldwide!

-Cara Reiter, Public Relations Director
CMG Worldwide

I wanted to tell you thank you very much for your help on the Gallery Furniture article. It turned out great and I appreciate your patience and professionalism. You were great to work with and I hope to do it again in the future. Have a great summer!

-Jessica Manning, Vice President of Public Relations
Love Advertising

I just wanted to pass on to you my kudos for a wonderful and perfectly written article on CopCorp in your current issue of Retail Merchandiser! It is amazing how accurately you portrayed the story and it just read so well I had to tell you myself.

-Carole Postal, President
CopCorp Licensing

WOW, what a layout for the Ken Featherston piece Amanda! We just got our issues in the mail and the client couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again for working with us and I hope to partner more in the future.

-Matt Whitmire
Red Chicago

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