With the recent influx of companies providing mail-order DVD services, some might think the reign of video rental retail stores is coming to an end, but the team at Hollywood Entertainment knows this isn’t the case. According to Sherif Mityas, president and CEO of Movie Gallery Inc., Hollywood Entertainment’s parent company, the home video industry is an $8 billion a year market, and $5.5 billion of that capital still depends on brick and mortar retail outlets. 

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When a retail company switches ownership, there’s an array of situations that might occur. In terms of both internal operations and what the customers see, it’s possible that little may change. But this isn’t always the case, and it wasn’t for Work ’n Gear.

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This all-natural food maker is going the extra mile in health and wellness by offering its own brand of gluten-free soups. For years, Jerry Shafir made gluten-free soups for his daughter, who suffers from celiac disease. Shafir, the president of Boston-based soup maker Kettle Cuisine, didn’t give much thought to the specialty soups until his daughter, now away at college, called.

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Shoe polish is not a complicated product, and Kiwi Shoe Care believes simplicity is the key to success. The company’s product quality allowed the brand to reach all four corners of the globe. Now Kiwi’s quality, combined with a simple approach to retail merchandising, is helping retailers make this small category a profit center in their stores. 

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Kids II is a toy and gear manufacturer that creates products targeted toward infants and toddlers. Located just north of Atlanta, in Alpharetta, Ga., the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

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After spending years working for a national chain as a pharmacist, Dennis Crawford had a burning desire to do something more. He enjoyed working with customers but didn’t feel he was actually making a difference in their lives.

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Mark, Ed, and Brett Stinebrink opened their first grocery store in 1974 with the help of a silent partner. Located in Lake Geneva, Wis., the 10,400-square-foot facility operated as a branch of the Super Valu chain.

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In the past year, database marketing agency Merkle Inc. has seen a slight shift in what its clients want due to the economy. Some of the companies have become more focused on their customers, spending more time trying to understand exactly who their most valuable customers are. Others have accelerated their shift to digital media, looking for more out of every dollar they spend.

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