Since she was created in 1974, Hello Kitty, with her signature red bow, has developed such a global reputation that – if Facebook “likes” are any indication of popularity – she outranks that of Marilyn Monroe. Hello Kitty has more than 8.7 million Facebook fans to Monroe’s 2.9 million.

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When Saban Brands reacquired the Power Rangers brand from Disney in 2010, the company had one goal in mind: to once again establish it as a blockbuster kids’ entertainment property.

From a broadcasting standpoint, this meant creating a new television series that captures the excitement the Rangers generated after the show’s debut in 1993, when it went on to become the No. 1 boys’ brand in the world. With the February 2011 debut of “Power Rangers Samurai” on Nickelodeon, the pro­duc­tion/ brand management company did just that by reconnecting with the origins of the series while acknowledging and embracing new technology. The show’s second season, “Power Rangers Super Samurai,” debuted in February and features new twists.

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Eat your fruits and vegetables.” This may be one of the most commonly spoken phrases by parents to their children, yet is also one that isn’t always taken to heart, if national statistics regarding childhood obesity are any indication. Many schools and federally sponsored programs try to tackle the issue by encouraging children to make better eating decisions and regularly engage in physical activity, but all of these have varying results.

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Pep Boys has been in business since 1921, and it was only about two years after the first location opened that the company created its iconic logo – the caricatures of founders Manny, Moe & Jack. Although it’s been updated somewhat through the years, the three smiling faces in the logo have remained a Pep Boys hallmark. Those friendly faces in the logo, in fact, could be viewed as a nod to one of the company’s other signatures – an ongoing focus on customer satisfaction.

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When some of the most iconic brands around the world come to you for help, you know you’re doing something special. Since Global Icons was established more than a decade ago as a premier brand-licensing agency, the company’s capabilities in the development and extension of corporate brands and trademarks has helped it grow to include an array of globally known and market-leading clients.

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Pittsburgh-based General Nutrition Centers (GNC) has been synonymous with healthy living through healthful products since 1935. Its chain of retail locations extends around the globe, and its reputation for quality products is unexcelled. That is the legacy entrusted to IMG Worldwide Inc., now that it has the rights to extend GNC’s brand equity into product categories not sold in GNC stores. IMG currently licenses sports, nutritional water and protein beverages, health electronics and small appliances with the GNC brand. 

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At the end of July, the National Football League owners, players, and fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when the NFL and NFLPA finally reached a deal that ensured labor peace for the next decade. For Leo Kane, the NFL’s senior vice president of consumer products, the agreement meant the league could return its focus to meeting fan expectations.

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When US Cavalry Store opened its first location 38 years ago, it did so with one goal: to fill a gap. Prior to the store’s opening, military members had two venues to purchase what they needed: government clothing and sales stores and pawnshops. The government stores were often out of stock, and pawnshops provide only secondhand goods.

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