Rubie’s Costume Co. Inc. has developed a worldwide presence that keeps its costumes in demand throughout the year. As the Beige family has come to know since they founded the company and oversaw its international growth, different cultures seek costumes for a variety of celebrations.

For instance, in Germany, Rubie’s peak season is Fashing, a traditional celebration that culminates with the beginning of Lent. In England, Rubie’s retail distributors demand the fanciest costumes for masquerade parties that take place year-round.

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The idea of product licensing is not the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). But, as Director of Marketing and Communications Mark Heavey says, it is playing an increasingly strong role in the MTA’s business.

Based in New York City, the authority manages the city’s bus and subway transit and the Long Island and Metro-North railroads, transporting over 8 million daily customers. “The MTA was formed 1968 to oversee all of those public transportation entities,” Heavey explains.

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What began with a simple rod and connector set has led K’NEX Brands to take its place as a leading manufacturer of building and construction toy sets in the world. With headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Hatfield, Pa., the company distributes products in more than 30 countries, as well as Lincoln Logs in North America.

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From her first appearance in the national consciousness as a singer at age 16, Jessica Simpson has characterized all-American fashion, fun and good taste. The Camuto Group, led by founder, owner and CEO Vince Camuto, is taking the Jessica Simpson Collection of fashion and accessories to an even wider audience.

 “We anticipate the brand will achieve $1 billion in retail sales globally by the end of the year,” Camuto says. The Camuto Group acquired the master license for the Jessica Simpson Collection in 2005 and immediately began to create a line of footwear inspired by Simpson.

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Think about Milwaukee and the image that usually comes to mind is beer, not fashion or crafts. But Milwaukee-based Fashion Angels Enterprises has created a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality products for tween girls since 1996.

“Our core mission is all about the product and wanting to make the best product we can,” CEO Mark Miller says. “We will never shortchange the product or dumb it down. We will make it fun and innovative in a way that the consumer can have an extraordinary experience.”

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The world of products aimed at “tweens” is an ever-changing one – what’s hot one minute will inevitably become passé in short order as new characters and brands enter the marketplace. The creators and licensees of these seemingly ephemeral brands face an uphill battle to stay relevant to a demographic notorious for being fickle.

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Many of the largest entertainment studios in Hollywood take an exhaustive approach to the marketing of their properties – they will create anything and everything that relates to a television show or film and wait and see what interests and resonates with fans. 

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Most popular children-oriented brands start their lives as traditional entertainments with fixed production cycles such as television series, films and comic books. While new characters, settings and elements within these properties are regularly introduced and then licensed for toys and other merchandise, the turnaround time could take weeks or months depending on the medium, leaving retailers and consumers hungry for something new in the interim.

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