Barnes & Noble released its Nook digital reader in October 2009, giving consumers another option in the competitive e-reader market. The release benefitted the retailer as well, as its online and bookstore sales grew. Its comparable store sales increased 7.3%, and its comparable sales grew 64% compared to its third quarter 2010 results. 

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American discount retailers may be moving into its turf, but this Canadian value retailer has the product mix and the scale needed to thrive. 


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Named as Retailer of the Year by Progressive Grocer Magazine in 2010 for its leadership, social responsibility and sustainability achievements, community leadership, executive stewardship, and corporate culture, it’s easy to see how H-E-B Grocery's philosophy of dreaming big has carried through it’s 106-year history. Today it stands as one of the largest independent food retailers in the nation with 76,000 employees.

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From Sweden to California’s gold rush and then to a shoe store in downtown Seattle, John W. Nordstrom lived a full life before opening Wallin & Nordstrom in 1901. 


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George Jenkins walked away from his job in the midst of the Great Depression to open the first Publix store in Winter Haven, Fla. with the idea to open a store that set a new standard for cleanliness and beauty.


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Low overhead, a self-service approach, and value merchandise for under $3 were the principles on which Leon Levine opened the first Family Dollar Store in Charlotte, NC in 1959. 

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After a two-year effort to improve its health, this drugstore chain is ready for its stores to become the daily living choice for consumers. From retail drugstore to retail health and daily living store. These may seem like just word changes to consumers, but they are words that Walgreens takes seriously as the company is focused on building the most complete national network of integrated healthcare providers in the country.

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TJX Companies began in Boston, Mass. as the New England Trading Company, founded by brothers Max and Morris Feldberg. Ten years later, the brothers shifted their focused and opened their first retail store, which was devoted to selling ladies hosiery. Twenty years after that, their business had grown into a chain of women’s apparel stores that stretched from New England to Washington, DC. 

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