Jelly Belly Beantastic Beauty Box

The Jelly Belly Beantastic Beauty Box uniquely combines Jelly Belly’s core values of color, shape and scent in a beautifully packaged bean shaped box.  Products include scented lip balms, lip glosses, nail polishes, nail file and glitter nail sticker page.

Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Machines and Accessories

Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Machines, flavored sugars in Cotton Candy and Berry Blue, and cotton candy accessories, deliver a fun, flavorful and delicious treat the whole family can enjoy in the comfort of home.

Entenmann’s Minis Bakeware for Kids

Entenmann’s, America’s leading sweet baked brand, now makes baking at home fun and easy! Minis have all the tools needed to help kids learn new skills, spark creativity and build memories. Plus, a premium non-stick coating for easy clean up.

Mrs. Fields Baking Mixes

The Mrs. Fields Baking Mixes lineup includes cake and cupcake mixes (yellow, white, chocolate, red velvet, and confetti flavors), cookie mixes (chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar) as well as mixes for breakfast bars.

Mrs. Fields Innovative Bakeware

The Mrs. Fields Innovative Bakeware collection includes: Brookie Pan – bake cookies inside of brownies; Half N Half Cupcake Pan – separate cupcakes into two halves; 2-in-1 Cool Bake – cookie sheet that doubles as a cooling rack; and Baker's Sto-N-Go – ease in traveling with baked goods.

Angry Birds 3-in-1 Container

Candy, stickers and a collectible figurine – 12 characters to collect!

Airheads Apparel Line

Leading apparel manufacturer, Isaac Morris, has developed an imaginative collection of Airheads t-shirts incorporating fashionable designs for girls, boys, and juniors. Girls’ t-shirts were first to market at Walmart for Holiday 2012, with expansion planned at mass retailers nationwide.

Airheads – Girls “Candy-coated” Beauty Line

Lotta Luv Beauty, a division of Li & Fung and an expert in the world of beauty, has created Airheads beauty products for girls sold in Walmart, including nail polishes, lip balms and lip glosses inspired by Airheads candy flavors.