This company may already be at the top of the video game retail food chain, but it is looking for new ways to drive consumers online and tie all of its channels together. With about 6,400 stores in 17 countries and multiple e-commerce sites, GameStop is the largest video game retailer in the world. The company actually operates under three different nameplates: GameStop, EB Games, and Micromania, the top French video game retailer, which GameStop acquired in 2008. In addition to the retail and online channels, the company also publishes Game Informer in the US and internationally.

Wine1 ThumbThis online retailer uses technology to deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to its customers. Rich Bergsund, CEO of San Francisco, Calif.-based, said his team’s overall strategy is the same now, despite a down economy, as it has always been. “In any economic climate, the most important aspect of our strategy is to know who our customers are. From there, we can do our best to be great at providing them with the experience they want,” he said.

Luggageonline1 ThumbThis e-com luggage company uses more than 80 years of brick and mortar experience to translate its value over the Web. It’s difficult to translate your company’s all-around expertise over a computer screen, especially in the days of price-compare Web sites that direct consumers away from your home page. But with a company history dating back more than 80 years, this is exactly what is focused on as it transitions more of its brick and mortar business into the online arena. 

Monoprice1 ThumbUntangling the confusion around computer and network cables and wires is now a little easier and cheaper. It can be a frustrating when you think you’ve gotten the best deal on a new HDTV, computer, or stereo, only to find that you’re going to have to dig deep into your wallet to buy a myriad of network cables and wires. That’s where Monoprice, Inc. comes in, providing a large selection of high quality computer, audio/video, and networking cables at reasonable prices on its Web site. 

Overstock1 ThumbThis e-commerce Web site is celebrating 10 years in business with growth and a rich corporate structure. In the 10 years since it was launched, e-commerce retailer Overstock has had its fair share of battles. It started out as one of a few in the online retail sector, struggled to build out the foundations of a company blazing new trails, and then developed a distinct brand that set it apart from other Internet players that eventually joined in the fray. 

Genco1 ThumbThis wholesale liquidator caters to both buyers and sellers of distressed inventory by evolving its business platform and enhancing its e-commerce platform. Genco Marketplace (GMP) is in the margin recovery business. But unlike companies such as Overstock, GMP differentiates itself with a multi-channel approach that helps retailers and manufacturers maximize recovery value for distressed inventory. And with $5.2 million worth of product being sold every business day, the company is clearly doing something right. 

Americanapparel1 ThumbBy introducing eight regionalized Web sites for its international customer base, this company has become an innovative e-commerce leader. When Dov Charney founded American Apparel in 1997, he concentrated exclusively on growing the business through a wholesale platform. Since going public in 2007, the organization has proven to be a top competitor in the direct-to-consumer market as well.

Gifttree1 ThumbBy paying attention to what customers want and making adjustments to its processes, this high-end gift company differentiates itself in the market. Craig Bowen and his wife Esther Diez founded in 1997 with the idea of providing a simple gift service. Using Bowen’s marketing and software background, they set out to remind people about holidays, birthdays, or other special events using software that also sent suggestions to direct shoppers toward certain products.

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