Calego follows a practical and transparent approach to designing luggage for travelers.

By Tim O’Connor, Knighthouse Media

Shopping for luggage can be a confusing proposition – especially when it comes to value. Many brands price their best models at several hundred dollars, but then they always seem to be on sale for half-off. So what’s that bag really worth?

The whole experience can leave shoppers with a sour taste, which is why Calego takes a different approach with its fast-growing iFLY brand. “We’ve taken the opposite view completely,” President Stephen Rapps says. “We’re going to give you a great price, great quality and great design, and you’re going to sell the heck out of it.”

Braswell Family Farms web photo 1

Braswell Family Farms prides itself on being involved in its employees’ lives.

By Tim O’Connor, Knighthouse Media

When employees go through struggles at home, many companies want them to leave that baggage outside the office doors. There’s no time to deal with those personal hardships when deadlines are looming and customers are looking for a fast response. But more often than not, those home factors bleed into an employees’ work in one way or another.

The folks behind North Carolina egg producer Braswell Family Farms recognize that sometimes their employees need extra help coping with hardship. Five years ago, the company enlisted Corporate Chaplains of America to provide crisis care to employees 24/7. Workers have access to a chaplain who can help them manage grief, deal with home problems or simply act as a listener.

Pladis Global picConfectionary and snack company Pladis Global builds on its established brands by maintaining a commitment to its mission and values.
By Jim Harris, Senior Editor for Knighthouse Publishing 

Pladis Global’s dedication to its core values of honesty, integrity and passion drives it to fulfill its mission to “promote happiness to the world with every bite.”

“I think what really drives our success here in North America as well as globally is our interest around serving our company mission,” says Brian Blanchard, managing director and regional CEO, North America. “Every brand that we produce was founded by entrepreneurs, and we have retained that entrepreneurial spirit. We have built a team and culture around our values, and that is one of the key things that allows us to be successful.”

BorgesBorges’ olive oil expertise has earned it loyal customers worldwide.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Borges is the definite expert when it comes to producing high-quality olive oil, President Francesc Sola says. Not only are millions of consumers loyal to the products sold under its brand name, but “we are the No. 1 producer of organic extra virgin olive oil in the world,” he says.


SedlakSedlak Supply Chain Consultants helps retailers and others improve their supply chain and distribution operations. By Jim Harris

For the past 60 years, Sedlak Supply Chain Consultants has helped retailers and others navigate through a constantly changing marketplace. “There are existential challenges for retailers who are trying to deal with today’s market, and our job is to help them through that space,” says Dave DuBose, vice president of business development.

One of the most obvious of these challenges is competition from e-commerce giants such as Amazon. Meeting next-day and same-day delivery expectations without driving up costs is a constant challenge for retailers. The Cleveland, Ohio-based company helps many of its clients build their e-commerce distribution capabilities. “In-store sales might be declining and stores are closing across retail, but online sales are growing by double digits,” DuBose adds. “We help retailers think about ways they can leverage the assets in their in-store networks to creatively meet online sales demand, such as shipping from stores or using stores as pop-up distribution centers.”

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