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Elevate your brand by hiring and retaining the right people.

By Stefan Midford

The gig economy is here to stay. With 59 percent of America’s workforce – some 80 million Americans – comprised of hourly workers who are highly mobile, retailers recognize that, to remain competitive and elevate their brand, they must hire and retain the right people. 

So, how can retailers find and retain the right kind of workers who can both connect with customers and steadily improve work quality? Here are six tips for building your customer-focused front line.


Why product information management (PIM) is foundational to omnichannel success.

By Katie Fabiszak

Constant connectivity, deep personalization and a multi-screen world are changing both online and offline shopping for good, while the digital platforms supporting these applications have transformed the internal workings of many companies. The digital influence factor has brought to the table new ways in which consumers can make decisions and has created new digital expectations regarding how retailers present information and service their customers through their buying journey. 

Loyalty Programs

To execute truly effective loyalty initiatives, retailers need to take a data-driven, personalized approach

to their entire marketing strategy, loyalty components included.

By Tim Mason

In a crowded retail industry, brands are constantly seeking a competitive edge. For most retailers, this entails trying to figure out how they can better understand their customers, create more opportunities to engage and keep their brand top of consumers’ minds. Many are turning to their loyalty strategy and examining ways they can leverage their program to create a better customer experience.


AI gives brick-and-mortar retailers the tools to beat their e-commerce competitors –

if they can figure out how to use them.

By David Moran

Kroger Co., the largest grocer in the United States, wants a new identity: It wants to be a technology company that sells groceries.

Earlier this year, it began testing Kroger Edge, an AI-powered interactive digital shelf edge that communicates with shoppers’ mobile phones to offer special promotions. Kroger plans to license its high-tech shelf edge – the brick-and-mortar version of a website banner ad – to other retailers. 

 Big Data

Retailers offer insights on how to leverage big data and technology

to implement store-centric approaches to visual merchandising.       

By E.Y. Snowden

Contrary to some gloomy headlines of the last several years, retail stores as a whole are enjoying healthy growth, with leaders that are proving to be extremely competitive and dynamic. Although new technologies, the convergence of physical and online channels, and elevated consumer expectations have disrupted traditional retail practices, successful retailers are reimagining the store environment to be more responsive to customer demands, providing relevant and engaging in-store experiences. A survey of 250 retailers found out from these leaders which merchandising tools and practices set them apart.

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