Breaux Mart Supermarkets

With low prices, clean facilities, and a friendly staff, Breaux Mart is able to maintain the highest possible level of customer service available in today’s market. Up-to-date, fast checkout counters further expedite this process for shoppers with little time to burn, and a wide assortment of products ensures customers have access to the brands they know and love. 

The newest Breaux Mart location, in Chalmette, opened just a few years ago. To celebrate its grand opening, the supermarket’s team hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony in front of the store. Everyone was excited—including, of course, the organization’s owner. In the October 2006 issue of New Orleans City Business, a local weekly newspaper, Barry Breaux said, “Chalmette is an exciting area; it is a beehive of activity. The residents are coming home, and there is definitely a need for a store like Breaux Mart in this area.”

An assortment of products

Breaux Mart Supermarkets has had a presence in the New Orleans metro area for more than 35 years. With a staff of more than 300 workers, many of whom have been with the company for quite some time, the organization has been able to continuously adapt to the changing needs of the population it serves. Whether it’s due to a natural disaster, shift in demographics, or anything else, Breaux Mart is prepared. 

Its team knows that people want a variety of different brands to choose from, whether they’re purchasing peanut butter, milk, or cereal, and for this reason, the chain stocks a wide assortment at each of its locations. In addition to its grocery offering, Breaux Mart has breadth of specialized services. Here’s a closer look of exactly what they have to offer. 

Produce: Breaux Mart purchases and stocks the freshest produce available, which means fresh fruits and vegetables are available year-round. In addition, each of the five stores offers beautifully packaged fruit- and gift-baskets, customized to fit customer needs. 

Floral: All of Breaux Mart’s five locations are home to fully stocked floral departments. Each department is staffed with a team prepared to customize an arrangement to fit any occasion. 

Meat: Only USDA Choice Beef is sold at Breaux Mart, and it’s always trimmed lean with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a full staff of meat cutters on duty most hours of operation, both walk-ins and special orders are permitted.

Deli: Breaux Mart offers party trays, bulk special orders, sandwiches, all prepared fresh and ready for pick up. It also has a complete list of available items, which is uploaded to its Web site, under the “Deli To Geaux” tab.

Seafood: The company stocks a wide variety of both fresh and frozen seafood year-round. Its selection includes a breadth of items that includes ever-popular Louisiana oysters and shrimp. 

Liquor: Customers tired of trucking all the way to a liquor store when all they want is a bottle of wine for dinner or a case of beer for Sunday’s football game look to Breaux Mart, which carries a selection of specialty beers and premium wines.

Bakery: All of the Breaux Mart locations stock freshly baked bread, cooked periodically to ensure customers can count on getting a warm loaf. The bakery also prepares cakes, pies, and rolls on a daily basis. 

For a short time each year, the supermarket chain bakes what it refers to as King Cakes. These are prepared daily during the period that begins on January 6 and ends on Mardi Gras. The cakes are available to locals as well as those living elsewhere in the US. Shipped fresh out of the oven via next-day service, the cakes are boxed with Mardi Gras throw beads, cups, and a flyer explaining the King Cake tradition.