Classic designs and contemporary flair continue to define Ashley Wilde Group’s success as it announces a brand-new art-inspired homeware range 

From subtle florals to vibrant jewel-toned silks, Ashley Wilde Group offers only the best soft furnishings and fabrics to leading homeware brands across the UK. A family-owned business, Ashley Wilde Group is responsible for some of the 21st Century’s most iconic prints. From intricate jacquards to plain silk sheens, the Brodin family have cornered the market when it comes to contemporary, on-trend fabric designs. It all began at a humble market stall, as Simon Brodin, Chief Executive Officer, details: “Ashley Wilde Group was founded in 1950 by Nick Brodin, who started the business by selling fabric at a local market square. The business was then handed over to his son, Ashley Brodin, in 1985, who has now appointed me, his son, as CEO, to run and manage the company.  

 “The business has gone from strength to strength over the past 70 years, with various high-profile brands and celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, Zandra Rhodes, Kirsty Allsopp, and many others working with us to produce branded soft furnishings for them. Today, we are a multi-million-pound company, working with brands such as Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely, Sara Miller, Holly Willoughby, and retailers such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Next, Dunelm, and many more. 

“The fabric section of the business has expanded considerably since we began. We still design and manufacture Ashley Wilde fabrics, always aiming to take a more modern, contemporary, but adaptive approach to new collections. KAI is our more high-end luxurious fabric brand, which also remains a strong competitor in the market. This year we’ve launched William Morris At Home (WMAH) fabrics, partnering with the William Morris Gallery. This is a fantastic addition to our fabric portfolio, as we’ve worked closely with the William Morris archives in order to bring a more contemporary style to his work.”  

Robust relationships 

Strong relationships with some of the UK’s leading lifestyle brands ensures Ashley Wilde Group’s success in an ever-competitive market. “We don’t like to compare ourselves to competitors. That said, we have many key factors that make us unique,” Simon explains.  

“We maintain a comprehensive list of manufacturers and suppliers who thoroughly understand our operations and brand requirements. On numerous occasions, we have received urgent orders for particular products, and we have consistently made every effort to ensure that the customer receives exactly what they have requested. This can only be done if you have strong working partnerships. 

“We pride ourselves on our robust relationships, built on effective communication and understanding. Likewise, the various teams across the business who liaise with our stakeholders, partners and suppliers on a daily basis have been instrumental in growing and maintaining these relationships. We promise to go above and beyond for our customers, making sure everyone is satisfied with what they’ve ordered. This has always been our motto,” he continues.  

Design driven 

Strategic brand partnerships are vital to maintaining Ashley Wilde Group’s success, ensuring the company stays at the cutting edge of soft furnishing and fabric design. “There are three key elements that we review when considering a new brand for either fabric or ready-made products. First, we explore the story behind the brand, then we look at its unique selling points, and, finally, together with the customer, we discuss their vision. Before we produce anything, it’s important that we know where it fits in the textile and soft furnishings industry. It needs to have a clear vision, and something new to offer,” reveals Simon. 

Design is at the heart of everything Ashley Wilde Group does, as Simon asserts: “We have a group of incredibly talented designers, who are experts in soft furnishings and textiles. They visit various shows across Europe to gather inspiration for future designs. The designers also have access to a number of trend platforms, which they can explore and build upon.   

“Our designs are truly cutting edge. We exhibit at many shows across the world which, again, allows us and the designers to see what trends are emerging and how we can adapt them to new collections. Collectively, with all these sources of information to gather trend insights, we’re able to build on existing styles and uncover what will work for the textile and soft furnishing industries.” 

Staying true to its heritage has also allowed Ashley Wilde Group to maintain its prominence across the soft furnishing and textile industry. As Simon enthuses: “We are a family-run business and have always operated that way. There is no hierarchy structure here — my door is always open, and anyone can speak to me directly. We have several long-standing employees who came straight from school or university and spent the rest of their working lives with us, which is a humble testament to how people feel about working here. The longest-standing employee has been with us for over 50 years.” 

With the launch of a new collection, WMAH, in 2024, the year is already set to bring the company success, but this is just the beginning. “We are excited to launch our new Ashley Wilde collection,” Simon confirms. “This range has taken a slightly different turn to what we normally create, and we’re excited to show it to the world.”