Consumers express increased desire for “Farm-to-Table” in 2013

Jan. 15, 2013 – Consumer demand for “Farm-to-Table” will continue to grow in 2013 if shopper behavior matches responses to new research conducted for Plainville Farms turkey and FreeBird chicken. Shoppers said their motivation for wanting “Farm-to-Table” products is based on a belief that they are “fresher” (95%) and “healthier/ more nutritious” (90%). Over 80% of respondents also cited “humane treatment” and “environmental factors” as important. Furthermore over 52% said they either do or will pay more for these products.

“Our research found that “Farm-to-Table” is moving out of a niche market into the mainstream,” said Barb Quijano, Vice President of Hain Pure Protein, parent company of both poultry brands. “For example, 87% are open to buying ‘Farm-to-Table’ products from a variety of retailers; so while these shoppers purchased from ‘farm outlets’, ‘natural product retailers’ and ‘health food stores’ in 2012, they said they expect to shop at stores including Target and Price Clubs in 2013.”

About 80% identified “Poultry”, “Meat”, “Dairy “and “Fruits/Veggies” as important to source Farm-to-Table. Two-thirds of those surveyed expressed a desire for more information about how their food is grown and raised.