Crayola / Amloid

Combined Strength

The success of the Crayola Building Blocks line bodes well for future collaborations between Crayola and Amloid, and both companies are excited about the possibilities. Both brands are focused on expanding the Crayola Building Blocks line through innovation and exploring new categories to enter.

“We have a lot of synergy in that we have two brands built on the same foundation of being focused on consumer innovation and unwavering on quality,” says Albarelli. “There’s also a high level of communication and our strong working relationship makes this partnership a lot of fun.”

The partnership is more integrated than the traditional licensee/licensor relationship including joint retail sales presentations, innovation plans, promotions and R&D.  Crayola recently assisted Amloid in setting up a global distribution network for the line through Crayola’s international brokers and distributors. Amloid’s vertical integration provides an infrastructure that is nimble enough to implement Crayola’s ideas quickly and get new products onto shelves fast.

“The combined strengths of Crayola and Amloid are only beginning to be explored,” Karp says. “Both companies have been in business for more than 100 years and are considered best in their trade. Make no mistake, the relationship between Amloid and Crayola will expand.” 

With the product line making waves on retail shelves, it’s not surprising both companies see a future for their partnership every bit as bright and colorful as Crayola’s famous crayons.