Dessange Group North America

Founded in Paris in 1954, Dessange Paris is a premier luxury salon and spa. “It is most well-known in Paris, France and Europe and [is] rich in Paris history,” King says. Dessange is closely associated with high-fashion celebrities and is well-known for its partnership with the Cannes Film Festival. Dessange Paris is celebrating its 60th year in business this year.

Although some American women may not be aware of it, Dessange is a very influential brand in Europe. It is on par with iconic French fashion brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior, King explains.

Global Beauty

At Dessange, “We pay attention to every detail to bring French beauty to the U.S.,” King says. “Everything is about making a woman more beautiful from head to toe.”

Dessange operates in more than 40 countries. “It is known all over the world and now we are bringing this amazing brand to the U.S,” King says. There are now five offerings in the U.S. Dessange carries its own product line for haircare and skincare. Inside the salon, every aspect of exclusive protocols and each detail of the guest experience is carefully honed and refined including French Balayage highlighting and other unique hair and skin application techniques. 

By paying equal attention to its business model, Dessange Group North America has successfully attracted international investors to help bring its franchising success to the United States. 

It was in January 2012 that Dessange International first entered the U.S. salon market in force, purchasing the 1,200-store Fantastic Sams brand. Fantastic Sams was founded in Memphis, Tenn., and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. 

Dessange operates 2,000 salons under various brands around the world. Dessange first began doing business outside of France in 1962. Today, about half of Dessange’s business is conducted outside its home country. Dessange International operates in 40 countries with more than 200 Dessange salons, about 100 Camille Albane salons, 1,215 Fantastic Sams salons and 200 beauty institute training centers. More than 50 new salons are planned for 2014. 

Fantastic Plans

After 40 years of success, Dessange now has the opportunity to refresh Fantastic Sams for another 40 years of even greater successes. To that end, it has begun work on new training, a new store prototype as well as a new consumer website and franchise sales website. “There is just an amazing energy in the field,” King says. “People love this brand and are ready to see the brand evolve.”

Its Camille Albane brand is targeted to customers who are well-educated, on-the-go and know what they want to look their best, King says. The price point for these customers is about $60 to $75. The Camille Albane brand serves as a comfortable niche between the higher-end luxury of Dessange and value-based practicality of Fantastic Sams.

The company’s success since entering the U.S. market has proven its ability to use its know-how to duplicate its business success. “Our franchisees are our success, we are a franchisee-driven company,” King says. “They protect and bring life to our brand while making our clients fall in love with how they look and feel every time they visit.”