Expanding Services: Kohll’s Pharmacy & Homecare’s Evolution

These services include but are not limited to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a travel vaccination clinic, and a preventative medical center.

But this vast network of services wasn’t always in place; it has been developed gradually throughout the last six decades. In fact, the history of Kohll’s dates back to 1948 when Louis and Leona Kohll opened their first pharmacy. The organization staffs a team of roughly 160 employees today, but back then, Louis and Leona maintained operations without much help from anyone.

The pair handled nearly every aspect of business on their own, and with occasional help from their son, they were able to keep the pharmacy open seven days a week for the greater part of each day. Before long, Kohll’s became one of the most trusted pharmacies in the Omaha area, earning the respect and loyalty of physicians and patients alike.

The grassroots environment and culture that permeated throughout the facility undoubtedly influenced this momentum, but it was the organization’s unique and convenient offering that kept customers coming back time and time again. As the company’s popularity grew larger, more and more services were added and additional locations were established to meet the increased demand.

Meeting the demand

Since its inception, the team at Kohll’s has worked together with one another as well as with those in the community to address any pressing demands and fulfill the health needs of the people living in and around Omaha. Today, the company’s staff includes a wide range of specialists, including pharmacists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and nurse practitioners.

One of the most recent additions to the Kohll’s portfolio is its Preventative Medical Clinic, through which it offers comprehensive health evaluations. For those seeking care, the clinic offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a weight loss program, nutritional counseling, and psychiatric services. Aesthetic services, like Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, and mesotherapy, are also available.

“From the outside, our buildings look like traditional pharmacies, so when a customer comes into our store for the first time, they’re usually pleasantly surprised with the breadth of things we can help them with,” said David Kohll, co-owner of the independent pharmacy chain. “There is no other pharmacy in the country that does everything we do. There aren’t many pharmacies in the country that have an automobile dealership license, for example, which means we can rent and sell wheelchair vans.”

David went on to explain that both he and his brother enrolled in pharmacy programs immediately after high school. Both spent several hours throughout their teen years restocking shelves for spending money, and as a result, felt very connected with the business.

“We recognized early on that we had an opportunity to work in this chain, which my grandfather started in the 1950s and father expanded in subsequent years,” David said. “In pharmacy school, you’re taught how to help patients with their medicine and things of that nature, but we wanted to push it further and really become the place people go when they want the best care.”

The road ahead

Despite all of the success and growth Kohll’s has experienced throughout the years, David and the rest of the organization’s team are hungry for more. As they continue to expand their service offerings, they are able to help more people, but of course there is another benefit: profitability.

When looking to increase annual revenue, most pharmacies have no choice but to open additional locations; Kohll’s, however, has the option of adding more services to its repetiore. And of course, there’s always room for improvement and/or expansion in a number of areas.

“No matter what it is you’re doing, you can always be better at it—there’s always room for improvement. We’re always thinking about what we can do to strengthen the programs we have in place, whether that means bringing on more professional staff or committing to some sort of capital investment,” David said.

“Right now, we’re focused on moving forward, although growth has slowed as a result of the economy,” he added. “When the next opportunity arises, we’ll pursue it, and we will remain profitable long into the future because we’re really the only company that offers all of the things we do.”