Facilitating focus

Based in Long Island, New York, both businesses are focused on simplifying challenges of the retail industry for new and current clients, including more than half of the top 100 US retailers. Together they will be able to provide an even greater range of capabilities to more clients nationwide.

“As the only national material handling and facility services organization, we’re thrilled to add Solutions Management Inc.’s expertise and services into TrueSource’s offerings,” says OnPoint CEO, Tom Cox.

“Helping our clients succeed is at the core of our mission and by joining forces with TrueSource, we further our goal of keeping clients prepared for what’s next,” explains SMI Co-Founder and CFO, Robyn Butler. CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Crennan, adds: “Whether that’s a literal or figurative storm, this furthers our mission to deliver disaster recovery and facility maintenance solutions when they’re needed most.”