Kidaroo Crew Receives Prestigious 2013 Kids Product of the Year Award for Innovative SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels

July 10, 2013 – The Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program, in conjunction with Scooterbay Publishing, is unique in that all products submitted are reviewed by both real moms and industry professionals alike. Products are not reviewed by any one person but are reviewed by many people – the very people who purchase them. Each year, a 2-day event is held in Henderson, Nevada where over a hundred guest reviewers are invited to attend this organized review event. One of the products reviewed by panelists this year was SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels by Kidaroo Crew.

Hundreds of new & innovative kid’s products are submitted and reviewed. Upon completion of the event, all review forms are collected and all scores are tabulated, and comments are reviewed. Only one product per category can win. Kidaroo Crew received the prestigious 2013 Kids Product of the Year Award. SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels are uniquely designed for sippy cups and baby bottles. These fun, reusable labels are the safe and smart alternative to adhesive labels.  Created by a mom, SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels are perfect for easily identifying children’s drinking containers while at daycare, preschool, nursery, play dates, etc. No more mix-ups or lost sippy cups and bottles. Each fun design is an original work of art that captures the child’s and parent’s interests.

SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels are featured in a variety of bright colors and designs, and fit snuggly around containers so small children can’t remove them. They also help to reduce the spread of germs by preventing mix-ups. SippyGrab 3D Designer Labels feature a fun, original 3D design and a write-on “name space” that can be personalized by a parent or caregiver.