KitchenAid: Elevating Culinary Excellence with Innovation and Timeless Design

The cookware lines range from a 10-piece Aluminum Nonstick set retailing at $149 to a 7-Ply Stainless Steel 10-piece set retailing at $1,600. “All of our cookware pieces are induction-capable,” Huie notes. The technology is compatible with induction cooktops, which use electromagnetic fields to instantly transfer heat directly to the cookware.

“Since KitchenAid also manufactures major appliances, it is important that our cookware and bakeware design elements work well with these products,” he says. “Not only are the cookware pieces induction-capable, but most are also dishwasher-safe. KitchenAid focuses on giving cooks every high-quality tool they need to raise the bar on everyday recipes and take on new challenges.” Three new high-quality roasters and new features to two cookware lines are also being introduced this year.

Bakeware and Cutlery

The KitchenAid bakeware collection was created with the help of a French pastry school in Chicago, and offers a classic design with commercial-grade features. New pieces launching this year include a double baguette pan, a Kugelhopf pan and vitrified ceramic Ramekins, Mini Bakers and mixing bowls.

KitchenAid is also launching cutlery sets that will include a zinc die-cast cutlery block for storage. “We’re unveiling six different colors that are currently available for the brand’s stand mixer,” Huie says. “Similar to our wide range of color offerings for our small appliances, we wanted to be sure cooks had a choice of color for their cutlery blocks.” The cutlery blocks are produced in Greenville, Ohio, where the stand mixers are currently produced.

For small appliances, KitchenAid continues to expand in various culinary categories, and recently introduced a Siphon Coffee Brewer, Torrent™ Blender and new attachments and bowls for the stand mixer, including a Precise Heat Mixing Bowl and Spiralizer attachment.

The brand’s major appliance line was developed with both a cook and entertainer in mind. Dishwasher settings include a ProScrub® option, which helps eliminate the need to soak or prescrub dishes. The Preserva® Food Care System featured in the brand’s refrigerators helps extend freshness, minimize odors and delay over-ripening. Additionally, Even-Heat™ True Convection technology, with an exclusive bowtie design and convection fan, ensures the inside of KitchenAid® ovens is heated to, and stays at, the perfect temperature.

The Three Pillars

When designing all of these products, the brand’s three pillars serve as the starting point. “One of these pillars is premium performance in every category,” Huie says. “We strive to be the top-performing kitchen brand that offers high-quality appliances, which is our second brand pillar.” A third pillar focuses on timeless design. “Our stand mixer design elements haven’t changed much since its introduction in 1919 – it’s iconic and we hope all of our product designs reach this level of authenticity,” he adds.

Timeless design also applies to KitchenAid major appliances, which fit seamlessly into any style of kitchen, from traditional to contemporary. Stainless steel and black and white finishes provide neutral color palettes for a variety of kitchen designs. The brand recently launched its new black stainless steel finish, an industry first, that adds a subtle, yet fashion-forward design element to the kitchen.

KitchenAid also licenses its name and logo to cookbooks, towels, oven mitts and kitchen tools, such as whisks and spatulas. “We have a history of being a high-performance and quality kitchen brand,” Huie notes. “It’s important that we license with companies who understand quality, performance and design.”

Huie attributes the brand’s success to several factors. “Our focus and dedication to our brand pillars help pave the way to creating successful products for our consumers,” he says. “We will continue to provide them with well-crafted appliances that boast smart features and timeless design to keep our consumer preference strong today and in the future.”