Kringle Candle

Making scents

With bespoke, aromatic candles, Kringle Candle Company is continuing a family tradition that prides itself on creating candles that customers love

Spring is in the air, and so is the delicate scent of flowers in bloom, but these aromas of the warmer seasons don’t only have to be experienced for a short time of the year. At Kringle Candle Company (Kringle), customers can take those fragrances home with them. From the floral sweetness of a cherry tree, to subtle notes of dragonfruit lemonade, or even the sugary delight of a Neapolitan sundae, the business prides itself on a variety of fragrances to match any season or occasion.

Having been out of the candle making business for more than ten years, the Kittredge family name jumped back on the scene in 2009. Kittredge originally made it into the candle business following the development of one the biggest names in the US candle making business: Yankee Candle Company. Now, Michael Kittredge III is following in his father’s footsteps as the Founder and President of his own candle-making business: Kringle.

The history of Kringle cannot be discussed without referencing the origins of its roots. Considering the company’s founder was raised by the man who brought Yankee Candle to life, it is unsurprising that Michael Kittredge III would take to his father’s craft. In 2008, Michael made his first experimental candle, purely out of curiosity. A year later, a college project required him to produce and promote a product of his own choosing, and naturally, he took to candle production. Working on the project brought him a great deal of fulfilment, and reconnected him to the heritage that his father had lain before him. Once the project was completed, he wanted to take his ambition one step further, and who better to help lift the business off the ground than his father?

With a fresh concept for his company’s aesthetic, and his father’s extensive expertise, the dynamic duo spent days discussing the possibility of continuing the family legacy. As the two began to realise the potential of the company, Michael grew more eager to bring the project to fruition. He began to investigate properties on the market that would make an excellent fit to host the manufacturing of his product.

Next on the journey of milestones was the purchase of a production facility in Bernardston, Massachusetts. Father and son came across a building for sale that used to house the operations for GBI Marketing. It also turned out that the owner was a former client of Mike Kittredge. With over 18,000-square-feet of possibility, the space was much larger than Michael had anticipated. But his father believed it could be strategically utilized, and serve as an excellent spot for production, packaging, and even retail.

Not long before Christmas of 2009, Kringle Candle was born. Since then, the business has continued to grow through the creation of unique, high-quality candles. The ultra-fragrant line brings together the best of his family tradition, with new trends inspired by today’s culture, such as the ‘Boujee range’. Michael incorporates a more scientific approach that enables his candles to emit the purest, brightest light possible. This has led to the signature white-flame candles that pair perfectly with a selection of backdrops. Above that, these candles are designed to mesh together with any décor, as the company has partnered with the finest perfumers to select an array of robust and realistic candle fragrances.

More recently, in 2017, Kringle Candle proudly expanded its product line by introducing the Country Candle brand of multicolour scented candles. Then, in 2019, Michael brought in the three-wick soy blends candles. The environmentally friendly concept has continued to be expanded upon and the business is now transitioning its large and medium jars to be 100 percent soy.

As with its white paraffin and multicolor wax, over the last five years, a significant amount of testing has been invested to create and manufacture candles made entirely from soybeans for a selection of editions to allow for clean-burning, yet highly fragrant aroma experiences. Now the business is excited to offer customers a personal choice in jar styles, wax, blend or 100 percent soy wax candles.

Whether you are after softer scents that take you to the depths of the Alpine forests, or whether you are more interested in the sweet and cosy aromas of a coffee shop on a Sunday morning, Kringle offers fragrant candles designed to transport you to your escape. As the business continues to push for expansive growth, it is clear that regardless of how this journey takes shape, it is determined to push itself to create innovative and beloved candles to which its customers will keep returning.