Lawtons Drugs

High-PROfile Services

Lawtons Drugs says it complements its customers’ prescriptions through its PROfile programs, which help them manage their families’ medications and healthcare needs. “From advice on what to take for a common cough and cold to helping [customers] manage a new prescription medication, our team is here to help,” the company says.

“Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare provider in [the client’s] community and are an excellent source of health information and support,” Lawtons Drugs says. “They are an important part of your larger healthcare team, often consulting with you, your doctors and healthcare workers to achieve the best possible health results.”

According to the company, Lawtons Drugs’  PROfile pharmacists:

  • Review the customer’s computer file for allergic reactions or drug interactions;
  • Discuss what to do if the customer experiences side effects; and
  • Recommend nonprescription medications and herbal therapies.

Backing Lawtons Drugs’ pharmacists are its pharmacy technicians and students, and customer service assistants. According to the company, its technicians aid by dispensing medication and instructing customers on the use of non-medical health products, including blood glucose meters, insulin pens and crutch fittings.

The pharmacy students, it notes, perform the same services and take part in direct patient care. Its customer service assistants manage register transactions and help customers locate products in its stores. “All of our PROfile pharmacy team members work together to assure patient confidentiality, deliver exceptional customer service and maximize the time our pharmacists can spend with [clients],” it says.

Achieving Wellness

Lawtons Drugs also assists its customers in achieving their wellness goals, such as with its Diabetes Care in Action Network initiative. “This diabetes education program provides current, relevant health information for the many aspects of diabetes management,” it explains.

The stores also operate a follow-up program in which pharmacists touch base with customers via the telephone. Initially, when clients pick up their medications, the pharmacists will counsel them on how to take it, how it works, and on expectations and side effects, Lawtons Drugs says.

“[The] follow-up calls are performed by your PROfile Pharmacist in order to reinforce these points, monitor the effectiveness of the therapy, and answer or address any further questions or concerns,” the company explains. “The calls are made in a time period depending on the therapy.”

Healthcare at Home

Increasingly, caring for family members at home has become a preferred alternative for Canadians, Lawtons Drugs says. “With the increasing availability of affordable homecare products, it’s possible for patients to recover and maintain their health in the privacy of their own home,” it says.

But finding the right homecare products can be difficult, Lawtons Drugs admits. To determine the clients’ needs and choose the best products, the company employs experienced consultants in home healthcare and nursing.

“Our locations are staffed with certified fitters who offer private services in our stores or in the convenience of [the customer’s] own home,” Lawtons Drugs says. The company offers products and services in multiple areas, including ostomy, pain therapy, incontinence and convalescent care.

The Right Offering

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