Overstock.com: Earrings Are Most Wanted Jewelry For Valentine’s Day

Feb. 13, 2013 – According to an Overstock.com survey of 474 of its customers, earrings are the most desired jewelry gift for Valentine’s Day, with 49 percent of the survey participants choosing earrings over necklaces, rings, bracelets or watches.  Surprisingly, engagement rings are less in demand this year.  Only 8 percent of survey respondents designated engagement rings as their choice for a Valentine’s gift.

“From studs to dangles, gold or silver, and with over 11,500 sets to choose from, Overstock.com has an excellent selection of great earrings for Valentine’s Day,” says Overstock.com acting CEO, Jonathan Johnson.  “Customers will find everything from diamonds to pearls to precious stones as well as Cubic Zirconia, all at a great value, for gifts or to get ready for that special night out.”

According to an Overstock.com survey:

  • 31 percent plan on spending between $50-99 on Valentine’s Day related gifts and 28 percent plan on spending $100-$299.
  • Gift recipients will be a spouse/partner said 87 percent of customers surveyed, with 46 percent buying for their children.
  • Although earrings are the most wanted item, more people this year plan on buying necklaces as the jewelry gift of choice.
  • Greeting cards and chocolate will be the favorite non-jewelry Valentines gift this year.
  • 66 percent start shopping for Valentine’s Day 1-2 weeks early.
  • December’s holiday purchases will not impact the amount 87 percent of those surveyed will spend on Valentine’s Day presents.

This survey is part of The Overstock.com Voice, a 3,000 member panel of real Overstock.com customers, who provide consumer information to the company.