SDL Puts eCommerce Marketers In Control of Delivering a Personalized Online Shopping Experience

May 22, 2013SDL has today announced the release of SDL Fredhopper 7.5, SDL’s cloud technology for predictive targeting, personalization, onsite search and merchandizing. This latest release provides eCommerce marketers with additional capabilities to adapt an entire product catalog to target specific shoppers, at scale and with ease to ensure the best retail customer experience.

Global eCommerce sales in B2C grew beyond $1 trillion in 2012 and B2B eCommerce experienced equally rapid growth. Consumer expectation of the online shopping experience is also evolving rapidly. They expect to have an online shop personalized to who they are and what they do, to be able to browse and shop from wherever they are and to be guided through the store to the product they desire. The challenge for marketers is to adapt to this pace of change and to create a smarter store window experience for the customer, one that is relevant to them as an individual, yet still delivers commercial value in terms of conversion, upsell and cross-sell.

SDL Fredhopper addresses these challenges by giving the marketer the capabilities to optimize the shopping experience through predictive targeting, personalization, onsite search and merchandizing, while continuously increasing conversion rates. SDL Fredhopper 7.5 takes this further by empowering marketers to control and tailor the shopping experience through trigger-based business rules in the following ways:

  • Cater for ‘one store, a million different customers’ by giving the marketer complete visual control over merchandizing, based on ‘triggers’, such as who the customer is, where they have come from and the time of year
  • Simplify and speed up ways to modify eCommerce search results, catalog navigation and store redirects using ‘triggers’ to adapt to trends, customer needs , and to monetize more aspects of the online store
  • Enable multiple brands to be sold without a conflict of interest – for product managers working with multiple brands who do not want to have a conflict alongside competing products, SDL Fredhopper 7.5 allows marketers to modify the shop to make that possible and make negotiation simple

“For brands and retailers to increase share of wallet and build customer loyalty in eCommerce, they must deliver an individualized and differentiated online shopping experience. That means creating a relevant and personalized eCommerce presence that quickly reacts to trends, customer needs and shopping behavior,” said Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO of SDL Content Management Technologies division. “SDL Fredhopper 7.5 is unique in its ability to offer eCommerce marketers a simple way to adapt and personalize the online shopping experience to any scenario, while keeping conversion rates high.”

Over 200 of the world’s largest and most demanding international online brands and retailers rely on SDL Fredhopper to run their eCommerce shopping experience, including ASOS, Boulanger, Clarks, Conrad, Debenhams, Otto, Toys R Us, The Body Shop, Urban Outfitters, and Vente-Privee.

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