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SES-Imagotag launches Pulse update

Designed by SES-Imagotag, Pulse is the solution to optimize stores with its AI-driven analytics

SES-Imagotag, the global leader in digital solutions for physical commerce, has launched the latest version of its store retail intelligence software Pulse. The Ai-driven analytics solution is designed to help retailers optimize their store profits and environmental impact by identifying areas for operational improvement. It’s now part of the retail intelligence division In the Memory, and utilized in over 400 stores throughout the UKI.

Stores are leaving money on the table every day because of waste. This is being caused by the lack of relevant information available to improve instore operations. Pulse combines data from the aisles such as POS and IoT findings to address these challenges. It analyzes waste and product sell-through rates to determine the most critical areas for necessary improvements to the bottom line for store owners.

The solution from SES-Imagotag can also automatically run and measure improvement campaigns on the shop floor. As a result, it becomes the heart of an intelligent store built by data. This opens a huge potential for the 14,000-plus stores installed on the VUSION IoT Cloud platform.

Customers such as SPAR, Daybreak, CarePlur Pharmacy, Morrisons Daily, Mace, Budgens, Londis and WHSmith all use Pulse AI analytics. Users have reported increases of gross margin by two percent and sales increases on identified products of 20 percent. On the other hand, they have experienced waste reductions of 30 percent.

Pulse monitors product performance and the impact of promotions, improves sales and store management, and amplifies companies’ ESG initiatives. The latest version includes improved UX and UI, enhanced insights and trend recording, and overall greater levels of analysis and reporting.