Shop Smart Campaign

“During the global pandemic, consumers are ramping up their online purchasing and counterfeiters are exploiting this trend. Criminals have adapted to our new online-shopping standard, and it’s more important than ever for consumers to remain vigilant,” said Kasie Brill, Vice President of Brand Protection & Strategic Initiatives and Executive Director of the Global Brand Council at the Chamber.

“Counterfeit products cost the global economy over $500 billion a year. Disrupting organized crime underlying the counterfeit trade is a top priority and requires the business community, global governments, and consumers to collaborate,” Kasie added.

To avoid being scammed GIPC has ten tips to help consumers shop smart this holiday season:

• Trust your instincts

• Insist on secure transactions

• Watch for missing sales tax charges

• Seek quality assurance in the secondary market

• Be particularly careful purchasing medicine online

• Be vigilant when buying abroad

• Guard your personal information

• Scrutinize labels, packaging, and contents

• Report fake products

Report unsafe products to the Consumer Product Safety Commission by calling 800-638-2772 or by visiting their website: