Slime your summer

Sour Berry Slime is a bright green topping that adds a refreshingly sweet and slightly sour flavor to any scoop or shake. Guests can slime their Baskin-Robbins scoop or shake for 99-cents or take their own bottle of Sour Berry Slime home to enjoy for $6.99.

New Summertime Lime swirls a tangy lemon-lime slime ribbon into bright green and white citrus ice cream, to combine the best tart and candied flavors of summer. Together, Summertime Lime and Sour Berry Slime are the ultimate summer duo.

“Baskin-Robbins is bringing out the kid in all of us this summer with the introduction of delicious and edible Sour Berry Slime, paired with the ultimate, tangy Summertime Lime Flavor of the Month, perfect for any hot summer day,” said Shannon Blakely, Vice President of Marketing & Culinary, Baskin-Robbins. “We’re excited to offer this unexpected and refreshing treat to help everyone get their slime on this summer.”