The future of communication technology is here, and focusing on supporting millions of frontline workers

Members of the retail, healthcare, and manufacturing industries stand to benefit enormously from RingCentral’s innovation

RingCentral, Inc, is a leading provider of AI-powered global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions. It recently announced a next-gen communication solution for frontline workers that enhances employee or company-owned mobile devices with walkie-talkie, voice, AI-powered video capabilities, as well as team messaging, file sharing, and more.

Prior to this innovation, frontline workers have been burdened with juggling multiple devices. With RingCentral’s powerful frontline workforce solution, which now offers a new push to talk capability, frontline workers across a multitude of industries can use a single device to seamlessly connect and communicate with the rest of their organization. Available as a stand-alone solution, or an add-on to RingCentral MVP, it stands to assist businesses drive to ROI with fewer devices or apps, enable next-gen walkie talkie functions with AI-powered capabilities, and connect frontline and back-office workers in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

“Front line workers need to be given the right tools to perform their jobs with speed and precision,” said Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer at RingCentral. “Without digital investments, they’re set up to work in silos. With our new frontline worker solution, businesses can bridge departmental gaps and empower their frontline workers with mobile-centric tools that include push to talk capabilities along with message, video, and phone, so they can communicate with their field and back-office teams.”