Customers First

TradeGlobal works with and supports some of the greatest brands in the world on a global scale. Its customers’ expectation is a perfect consumer experience. To provide this experience, TradeGlobal believes in always putting the customer first. It follows the mantra, “customer first and foremost, ever present in our daily decision making.” 

Part of taking this mantra from words to action involves building the right team, and the company believes it has assembled the brightest and most dedicated people to make up its workforce. Today, it has 1,200 team members in North America, China and Hong Kong. The company plans further expansion into Brazil, the U.K. and Europe in the near future. 

As a seasoned end-to-end commerce solution and service provider, TradeGlobal begins relationships with clients by offering photography studio services, including on figure shots, flats and 360 shots, with post production and copywriting. The company also offers digital marketing services, including SEO, SEM, email marketing, affiliate management, analytics, site and content management and everything else that one would expect from a world-class online business. 

“Our Demandware web development team builds and maintains sites for our clients’ online stores,” Cook says. “We offer outstanding service and technology in our customer care center, managing the consumer experience through call, email, SMS and chat services.” 

The company’s fulfillment services range from receipt through pick, pack and reverse logistics. TradeGlobal says its logistics program is unique to the industry, offering two-day ground service to 48 states. 

“Guaranteed two-hour delivery in large metropolitan cities from an amazingly efficient and cost-effective supply chain and customer-focused delivery systems are here and now,” Eckley says, describing TradeGlobal’s latest partnership with Cole Haan and Uber for an innovative same-day shipping service that launched on September 23rd. 

Out in Front

TradeGlobal has stayed keenly aware of the most significant trends it has seen in recent years. The two major trends impacting its industry most recently are the moves toward international and omni-channel commerce. The company has led the industry in cross-border trade, launching its software solution, TradeGlobal Commerce, in 2008. The product is designed to integrate seamlessly into clients’ web platforms, offering interactive, fully landed cost and localized payment with more than 200 payment methods, with guaranteed fraud protection in a delivery duty-paid (DDP) and delivery duty-unpaid (DDU) service model. 

“Additionally, we opened our Shanghai and Hong Kong facilities to offer the same service in mainland China and the Asia-Pacific regions,” Cook says. “Brazil and Europe are just around the corner.” 

Although the company has had custom omni-channel solutions for many years, it took a further step forward this year with the launch of TradeGlobal Enterprise, a non-proprietary omni-channel solution, in July 2014. The current product provides a complete view of both the customer experience and global supply chain. 

“It is truly the first product of its kind,” Eckley says. “As an industry, the traditional separation of online and offline channels is beginning to blur. You must see the consumer holistically across the globe.”

 Investments into omni-channel services and global expansion have been critically important for TradeGlobal. In addition, Eckley feels that recent investments that led to this summer’s launch of the Celerity Innovation and Demonstration Center have been just as crucial. In the center, the company collaborates with clients, partners and team members to create the next generation of relevant commerce technologies, solutions and retail concepts.

“The center is where we push the envelope and engage with our clients and partners to develop the future of commerce,” he says. “It is a true game-changer for our organization and for our clients.”

Properly positioning its own brand has been another important focus for the company throughout its existence. The company was founded as Filltek before rebranding as Netrada North America in March 2010 and rebranding again to become TradeGlobal last fall. The latest rebrand occurred after the private equity group Bregal Sagemount invested in the organization to help accelerate its global expansion and development of technology solutions.

With new opportunities ahead for payment, CRM, supply chain, retailing and delivery in progress, TradeGlobal sees a future that will change the face of how consumers interact with and purchase products. The company plans to maintain, enhance and drive its culture to lead the commerce revolution, sticking to its founding principles and values. TradeGlobal is confident that growth will come by remaining as a leader in the technology and service field, seeing past the limitations of today and embracing consumer-driven commerce. 

“There has never been a more exciting time to be in global commerce,” Eckley explains. “And in the end, it will be our team and our customer-focused innovation that continue to set us apart.”