Los Altos Ranch Market: Connecting Communities through Tradition and Convenience

The first Pro’s Ranch Market location was opened in 1982 in Southern California, and in 2002 it opened a store in Phoenix. Based on the success of those locations, the company continued to expand throughout the Southwest over the next 10 years, opening locations in Texas and New Mexico as well as more locations in Arizona. Cardenas Markets has been operating in California and Nevada since 1981, and has 30 stores known for their vibrant décor and full services. Catering to first-generation Hispanic customers in Southern California, Northgate Gonzalez Markets have 39 stores across the region. Cardenas and Northgate Gonzalez joined forces in early 2014 to form CNG Ranch LLC with the purpose of purchasing Pro’s Ranch Market and revitalizing it.

With the power of the CNG Ranch joint venture behind it, Los Altos Ranch Market says it is free to continue the traditions that made the original Pro’s Ranch Market locations trusted among customers. “At Los Altos Ranch Market, we have a strong set of values that defines who we are and shapes everything we do,” the company says. “We take pride in these values. They are the cornerstone of our relationship with our customers, co-workers and the communities in which we live and work. It is through living and leading through these values that we are successful as a business.”

Keyed to the Community

The key to Los Altos Ranch Market’s success is its connection to the Latino community and its traditions as well as the needs of the larger Southwestern community. “Because we understand the cultural diversity of the Southwest, we are [a] one-stop shop for all grocery needs,” the company says. “We carry a top-notch assortment of [customers’] favorite leading Hispanic and traditional brands for [their] convenience. In addition, our expanding grocery selection is a cultural assortment of the freshest up-and-coming products that would normally only be available at specialty markets.

“From tortillas to whole-wheat bagels, salsas to quinoa, we have it all conveniently located inside one great store,” the company adds.

Wide Selection

Within each Los Altos Ranch Market location, shoppers have access to a wide array of departments aimed at giving them practically anything they may be looking for. For example, the company says it takes pride in its meat department. “Whether [customers are] looking for a T-bone or a ranchera steak, our expert butchers will make sure that [they] go home satisfied by providing excellent service and a full array of custom cuts,” the company says. “As an added convenience, we also offer self-service packaged meats and convenient party platters with quality freshness.”

The company’s bakery department specializes in traditional baked goods from various cultures, including Mexican and Central American specialties. “The aroma of fresh-baked bread permeates our bakery every day,” the company says. “Our outstanding cake decorators are here to help [customers] plan [their] next special occasion with our sweet specialties with everything from the traditional tres-leches cakes to fantastic triple-deck wedding cakes. We also feature our homeland favorite desserts such as flan, choco-flan, chocolate-covered strawberries and gelatins.”

The company also serves the needs of the local Hispanic community through its specialty departments, such as its tortilleria, which offers up to 50 different varieties of tortilla. “Made by hand and using the freshest ingredients, our tortillas are a work of art,” the company says.

Each Los Altos Ranch Market is equipped with a full-service taqueria, which prepares fresh entrees and side dishes. “With [customers’] satisfaction in mind, [they] will find traditional Hispanic breakfasts and a large selection of delectable lunch and dinner choices for those quick meals on the go or a side dish to make [a] family meal extra-special,” the company says.