Petroleum Marketing Group

Setting Examples

PMG is an established wholesaler, retailer and distributor of petroleum products and services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States. The company owns, operates and delivers more than one billion gallons of gasoline a year to more than 1,400 accounts across 16 states from Maine to Virginia, with airport plaza locations in Florida, Indiana and Ohio. Its c-store operations are primarily branded as 7-11 and Circle K.  

“We employ more than 500 people, and we dispatch and deliver gasoline to our entire network through our transportation company, Quest Transport and Elite Freight Brokers,” Ejtemai says. “We have all primary classes of trade to include dealers, commissioned agents and company-operated locations. We have most of the major brands across the network as well as an unbranded offering.”

Fundamentally, PMG feels that its employees along with the diversity of the company are its strength and foundation. Customers are its priority, and operational excellence is the goal. The company strives to give back by participating in key fundraising events, providing catastrophe support, hosting and sponsoring a foster care home, and being extensively involved in its communities.

“We strive for customer service first and foremost,” Ejtemai says. “Properly organizing our salesforce and infrastructure allows us to address various markets and challenges, and maintaining a relationship with our customers, dealers and business affiliates is our priority.”

Always looking to improve, PMG has made a number of strategic investments focused on enhancing its operations. The company regularly reinvests in its facilities, and maintains an aggressive capital improvement program that is always looking ahead to consider raises, rebuilds and site upgrades.

Safety and reliability play huge roles in its marketing initiatives. The company has adopted a customer-focused approach where it prioritizes gas deliveries at the time it’s needed.  “Being able to make and keep such a commitment has been very instrumental in relationship building and ensuring our dealer’s financial health,” Ejtemai says. “It has also aided in attracting new business with dealers and operators who value relationships and excellence as well. We participate fully in all branded marketing programs and opportunities, as well as loyalty and fleet card usage wherever we can.”

Green initiatives are also important to PMG. The company participates in E85 ethanol programs, and it has a dedicated environmental department that focuses on proactive compliance to prevent remediation and issues before they arise.

PMG is constantly making strides to improve and finding new ways to be efficient. The company has implemented many strategies, processes and software tools that are intended to automate and streamline, and it has implemented mechanisms within its transportation group that makes it possible to deliver fuels in a more streamlined manner.

PMG’s people are the company’s greatest investment area because PMG knows that success in its business requires 24/7, hands-on dedication, commitment and performance. “Our employees make the company what it is, and it is through the accomplishments of the PMG team that we have achieved growth, sustainability and customer-centric success,” the PMG leadership team says.

PMG’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. It has earned recognition such as the Five-Year Outstanding Service and Dedication Award from British Petroleum, Senior Secured Credit Award from M&T Bank, Excellence in Risk Management Award from Energi, and many awards from its branded partners for excellence in image, operational success and growth milestones.

Looking for More

PMG has achieved strategic, aggressive and planned growth in the past 15 years thanks to a well-planned approach; an experienced, task-organized and knowledgeable staff; and unique financial capabilities. As the company moves ahead, it understands that it must manage regional economic conditions that impact its c-store operations. Additionally, it understands that the PMG family is composed of not just dealers and employees but all of its branded partners, as well as many dedicated contractors and vendors, too.

Looking ahead, PMG remains committed to the diversity of its employees, as well as maintaining a balance of healthy growth-by-acquisition while also making sure that existing dealers and accounts are maintained and serviced correctly. Additionally, the company knows customer service will continue to be critical, and that having the right set of people at the helm is extremely beneficial and a necessity in any successful organization.

In the end, PMG’s mission is to be a premier wholesale organization, in order to achieve profitability and growth for its dealers, company and its people. The company strives daily to live up to that vision, and its decisions are made with that mission in mind.

“Our team is the foundation of our success, and our focus is on customer service,” Ejtemai says. “We recognize the importance of understanding our dealers’ challenges through the eyes of a dealer in this day and age, and we see giving back to our communities as part of a higher calling.”