Wockenfuss Candies

Under Herman Lee Wockenfuss’s direction, the company continued to evolve and grow, adding three more stores to its flagship location in northeast Baltimore. Herman Lee Wockenfuss became instrumental in expanding the business and making it a Baltimore staple. He created and developed the signature homemade chocolate candies that are now so closely associated with Wockenfuss Candies’ reputation.

Quality Commitment

Although Herman Lee Wockenfuss and his wife are still involved in the business, their son, Paul Wockenfuss, has taken over duties as owner and president of Wockenfuss Candies. Now the company says it has eight retail locations throughout Maryland and a thriving e-commerce business, where customers can purchase everything that could be offered in the retail store, along with seasonal offerings for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Wockenfuss Candies has continued to evolve its products with new chocolate combinations, an array of truffles and a variety of milk and dark chocolate clusters. It has also jumped into the world of temperature-controlled candy and chocolate options. 

The company ensures that all candy and chocolate products are packaged and delivered in the finest foils to give the best visual presentation for its customers.

Additionally, the company has strong relationships with many of its vendors, such as Shore Paper Box, Peter’s Chocolate, Madelaine Chocolate and Goetze’s Candy.

Wockenfuss Candies says it remains committed to the quality of products, especially the unique pure centers and flavorings used. Its priority is to ensure that every piece of candy or chocolate becomes a memorable experience for the customer to keep them coming back for more. 

The Wockenfuss family has a strong appreciation of the five generations and 100 years of hard work from its own family members and from the employees it has today. Currently four generations of the Wockenfuss family – 12 family members total – are involved in the company. They all look forward to the next 100 years of business and passing it down through the Wockenfuss generations.