$50m takeover

Dimepiece LA, a clothing brand recognized by celebrities and street fashionistas alike for its fashion-forward looks and empowering and inspiring messaging and aesthetics has been acquired by an undisclosed UK-based hedge fund in a $50 million takeover deal that will see the brand re-launched in the UK later this year.

Dimepiece LA, which was launched in early 2007, quickly gained traction in the US fashion world thanks to its bold look and woke messaging. The female-led, woman’s fashion brand includes hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, clutches, and a variety of other accessories in its latest line. Amongst its fans are former United States First Lady, Michelle Obama, who wore items from the brand’s line during her appearance at SXSW.

The brand, which prides itself on having some of the most environmentally friendly shipping methods designed to be less destructive to both human and animal habitat has, since its inception, been a corporate leader with a focus on diversity, environmentalism and female leadership.