Diane’s Beachwear: A Destination for Fashion and Well-being

“Our commitment began and continues to focus on the well-being of women,” the company says. “We have always offered more than just merchandise. In a nurturing environment, we encourage women to be active, healthy and to feel good about their bodies.”

Something for Everyone

A major component of the success of Diane’s Beachwear is that the company doesn’t simply focus on carrying the latest styles from the most popular and fashionable designers in the swimwear industry. Customers at a Diane’s Beachwear location can expect to find more than simply swimwear, as the stores carry everything from cover-ups to bags to beach towels and other accessories. The company also carries full lines of the hottest swim- and beach-inspired apparel, giving customers everything they could possibly need for a day at the beach and beyond.

Among the brands featured at Diane’s Beachwear are major names such as Body Glove, Billabong and Volcom, along with up-and-coming labels from new designers. According to the company, each store completely refreshes its stock every six weeks to keep the merchandise mix fresh and to offer shoppers more incentive to come back multiple times in the same season. To help customers feel more comfortable while shopping for their new looks, Diane’s Beachwear trains its salespeople extensively so that they know every brand inside and out and can better help customers find the look that’s right for them.

Each Diane’s Beachwear location is a destination, with product mixes and a look that matches the surrounding community. The company recently remodeled several stores to update their look to create a more beach-themed shopping environment. One of those stores was the original Mickie’s Beach in Manhattan Beach, which has been overhauled with an entirely new and modern look. The company says the new look also brings with it a new focus on providing top-quality swimwear for other demographics.

“Mickie’s Beach first opened in Manhattan Beach back in 1962 and has remained one of our flagship stores ever since,” the company says. “We’re so excited to welcome our returning and new customers into our store. We strive to carry the newest and most coveted bikini brands in the world. With Mickie’s Beach, we are also including our largest selection of menswear for the beach.”

Ahead of the Times

The swimwear industry is one of the fastest-changing in the fashion world, and perhaps the one most affected by trends. In addition to the stores refreshing their merchandiser every six weeks, Diane’s Beachwear meets with designers and vendors every week to scope out the newest additions to their lines and identify the latest up-and-coming designers who have yet to make their mark on the industry. The company says this is important because many new swim lines from designers don’t have the resources for a showroom or sales representatives. Diane’s Beachwear has discovered many new talents this way, including Red Carter, the designer behind the eponymous swimwear line as well as other labels including Jones New York and Jessica Simpson.

The addition of men’s swimwear to the Mickie’s Beach location is just the latest in the company’s attempts to branch out into new markets beyond women’s swimwear. The company says it has made a lot of efforts in recent years to reach out to a younger demographic than it has in the past. For example, the company recently held a warehouse sale at its main office in Torrance, Calif., that saw teenagers lining up as early as 6 a.m. to be let in.