Don’s Car Washes

Traditional Offerings

One thing that has always set Don’s Car Washes apart is its commitment to customer service. “We work hard to make sure people feel comfortable when they come to our locations, making sure they are greeted to let them know we are happy to have them here because we want them to be happy to visit us,” President and CEO Dan Durr says.

The 2727 13th Ave. S. location is home to the company’s full service operation as well as Don’s Detail Center. Don’s Car Washes has worked to make it one of the best auto detailers in the area. It can provide customers with meticulous detailing, cleaning, polishing and protecting services for all parts of a vehicle. The company’s auto-detailing professionals use special tools to rid vehicles of dirt and road grime, both inside and out. The company’s process of car detailing helps customers keep their vehicles in excellent condition, helping it to stay at its top value.

“This is a rural area, so people are often driving in the mud or dealing with insects, and this is a big farming area,” Durr says. “What we do is make sure our customers are taken care of, prepping the cars when they come in by spraying them off with prep guns and then hand drying them as they leave our tunnels, We also guarantee that if a customer isn’t satisfied, we will rewash their car for free with no questions asked.” 

New Model

The location at 2500 52nd Ave. S. includes the company’s convenience center. At this location, Don’s Car Washes can provide customers with everything they would expect from a convenience store and more. 

“That location opened in 2011,” Durr says. “Fargo is narrow and long, constrained by river on one side, West Fargo on another and an airport to the north. We are located on the south side with our newest facility, which is a big, beautiful convenience store with an Express Exterior wash tunnel attached. It is a different business model for us, with the facility located right on the corner of what has become a busy intersection. Our annual revenue was around $6 million before we opened this facility, and now it is close to $15 million. The new location has really helped our business to grow.”

It includes a large gourmet coffee bar with a selection of fresh-brewed coffee, cappuccino and iced coffee. Available breakfast items include fresh-made caramel and cinnamon rolls, fresh donuts and freshly made breakfast sandwiches, while the bakery has freshly made cookies and homemade buns.

A full deli can satisfy customers looking for a light snack or a full meal. Menu items include fried chicken, fresh-made sandwiches, salads and much more. In fact, the company carries Champs Chicken at its convenience center.

In addition, the location includes standard convenience store fare such as dairy products, bread, lottery tickets, tobacco products, magazines, groceries, frozen foods, fountain drinks, chips, candy and snacks. The company installed the largest soft drink cooler in the Fargo-Moorhead area at this location. As for its fuel offerings, the location has state-of-the-art blender pumps that include unleaded, premium unleaded, diesel, E-20 and E-85 fuels. 

“We have the products that consumers want,” Durr says. “In many ways, it is more like a grocery store than a convenience store.”

Looking Ahead

As Don’s Car Washes prepares to continue its growth efforts, the company plans to invest in upgrades to the car wash equipment at the 2727 13th Ave. S. location. The company also has its eyes open for potential future site locations. 

“We always want to keep our options open because you never know what is going to happen,” Durr says. “Fargo is growing and we have to be ready if just the right site becomes available in the right place at the right time. For now, we are focused on having a good year and doing well as an organization by setting financial goals, looking for ways to reduce costs and aiming for targets to accomplish. The challenge is to maintain excellent customer service, keep our employee owners involved and excited about our growth and meet our end of the year financial goals.”