Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

Quality and Service

Mowrey and Maghari knew they had to compete with an abundance of Asian-made products in their industry, and they were ready to face that challenge by making sure they offered an adjustable bed with components sourced and assembled domestically. “We felt this was a great opportunity to create a truly American product with high standards of quality,” Maghari says. “We are the only product [of our kind] in the market today that does not have any Asian components in it. [Most] customers don’t mind spending the money if that means they are receiving quality products.”

Mowrey and Maghari also wanted to make sure their salesforce was trained to know the products inside-out and thus offer better customer service. “We have four trainers in-house; the one with the least amount of experience has 22 years in the industry, the most experienced has 38,” Maghari notes. “We are the only company today that has a salesforce that is specialized, well trained and highly educated on mattresses and mattresses components.” 

The salesforce goes through comprehensive companywide training once a year and specialized, focused training on a regular basis. 

One Step Ahead

Easy Rest is also able to provide a comprehensive sales and service care package to its clients because the company is in charge of its products from inception to after-sales service. “Many times you buy a bed and find out that the product is made by one company, sold by a different retailer, delivered by yet another company and serviced by another provider,” Maghari notes. “We are the only company that manufactures, markets, sells, delivers and services our own products. We take care of our customers from beginning to end.”

Although installing a bed might seem simple enough, an Easy Rest adjustable bed can be attached to the customer’s existing bed frame, which is where experience and care come into play. “We train our delivery people to make sure they can attach our frames to a four-poster bed or a headboard that was manufactured in 1850,” Mowrey says. “We had a customer who wanted to attach the frame to an antique headboard from that era. It took us hours to do it, but we got it installed. That is the level of service we offer.”

The delivery service doesn’t end until the customer is completely confident with the operation of the bed. “While delivering the product, one of our customer service representatives is on the phone with the customer, making sure the bed is at the right height, in the right place, and that they know exactly how to operate everything,” Mowrey explains. “We don’t leave the customer’s home until we’ve made sure they understand everything there is to know about the bed.”

Manufacturing Power

Mowrey’s and Maghari’s commitment to quality at every level led them to form a joint partnership with American Adjustables in 2013 to produce adjustable beds. “This new joint venture will give us more control over the components that go into our products, more control over the design and the manufacturing process,” Mowrey explains. 

As an additional consideration, “We needed to make sure we worked with a manufacturer that helped us maintain compliance with our FDA-approved claims,” Mowrey says. “The FDA requires a great deal of paperwork on every aspect of the manufacturing process and we were having difficulty maintaining updated information to satisfy the FDA requirements from our previous manufacturer, but now we are set.”  The new manufacturing facility reached full-stride production on May 20, 2013.  

Giving Back

Easy Rest knows the impact its products have on people’s lives through customer feedback to its customer service department and a partnership with consumeraffairs.com that tracks consumers’ ratings. “We get great feedback on how much the bed has helped them with their sleep problems.  They tell us that as a result of a better night’s sleep they feel better during their waking hours, vastly  improving their lifestyle,” explains Ann Mowrey, director of public relations. 

That positive impact on people’s lifestyles prompted the company to establish programs to help out those dealing with health issues. Easy Rest participates in the Make a Wish Foundation, donating beds when needed – for a child’s room makeover, for example – and sponsoring a yearly tournament with proceeds going to the foundation. 

The company also set up a program called Beds for Our Troops that donates one bed a month to a wounded veteran. “Some of these veterans are sleeping on reclining chairs and can’t sleep with their spouses, because the severity of their injuries prevent them from getting a restful night of sleep in their own bed,” Mowrey explains. Easy Rest beds, with adjustable mattresses, allow the user to find the perfect position to relieve pressure and stress on neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips and ankles, which allow those veterans to get better rest in a real bed.

As for the future, Easy Rest is poised to grow by following its own lead. “We don’t want to follow the cookie-cutter mentality,” Maghari concludes. “We insist on having unique designs and products and answering first and foremost to our customers.”