eWayDirect Releases Q1 Retail Acquisition Review; B2C Brands See Breakeven ROAS in Just 90 Days

May 30, 2013eWayDirect’s just-released Quarterly Retail Acquisition Review (RAR) shows that its CertainSource B2C marketing automation solution generated a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for clients in less than 90 days, enabling major retailers to boost new customer acquisition and significantly increase the size of their email lists safely with active qualified prospects. “Clients have been impressed with their Q1 performance, generating 10,000 to 100,000 highly qualified new prospects per month using CertainSource to both enhance performance and eliminate risk to inbox delivery or online reputation. That’s simply astounding,” said Neil Rosen, eWayDirect’s CEO (pictured left).

In Q1 2013, CertainSource yielded a 1.1 percent average 90-day conversion rate for retailers, while driving strong repeat orders with new customers placing an average of 1.28 orders during the 3-month span. eWayDirect reports on B2C acquisition performance with a new RAR every three months.

“With many retailers gearing up for the Q4 holiday rush, CertainSource provides an effective, reliable way to accelerate list growth and performance by adding highly qualified prospects and new customers now,” Rosen says.

CertainSource’s triple-qualification process engages prospects in real-time, nurturing the relationship with a short data-driven email cascade that delivers timely and relevant offers to prospects who have already expressed an interest in the brand. Brands using CertainSource saw a greater than 40 percent click-to-open rate during the qualification process—more than double the industry engagement average for new online leads.

The results are part of eWayDirect’s Retail Acquisition Review that details new customer and qualified prospect acquisition results based on a random sample of more than 500,000 prospects qualified through CertainSource for multiple retail brands during the first quarter of this year.