Keep it Oscar

Oscar Mayer has unveiled a cohesive new look and creative platform called ‘Keep It Oscar’ to unite the brand’s entire portfolio of products under one image that reflects today’s consumers and is still loudly and proudly Oscar Mayer. The refresh aims to bring the meats brand into a fresh, modern era.

The new look includes an updated logo and refreshed packaging designs that connects the portfolio by prominently featuring the brand’s iconic ‘never square’ logo shape and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile for the first time ever, from branding agency BrandOpus. It also features bite-sized ads that feel like pop art GIFS to commercials that are under a new ‘Keep it Oscar’ creative platform, from global advertising agency Johannes Leonardo.

Sergio Nahuz, President, Meal Foundations and Coffee, for Oscar Mayer commented: “Oscar Mayer has been deeply ingrained in American culture since 1883, and while we’re proud of our history, we wanted to give consumers a more modern brand to engage with. But in doing so, it was important to stay true to what’s made this brand such an icon over the years – the ability to spark smiles.”