More control

The DropLoads mobile app (beta) has quickly become recognized as a game-changer in the logistics world. The mobile application now allows big box retail businesses to compete with mass online retailer Amazon. DropLoads beats out Amazon Prime’s 24-hour service with its same-day shipping and receiving. With over 40,000 consumers and 267,000 users combined – including DropLoaders and businesses – DropLoads is revitalizing what has become an over-saturated and stagnated market.

With DropLoads, a consumer can order online and receive their shipment the same day, within a 50-mile radius. GeoLocation technology removes the need for tracking numbers. Via the app, a consumer can trace their package live up until the point of delivery. DropLoaders receive the package, add the Geotag and upon delivery, will take and upload a picture of the parcel.

As a DropLoader, independent contractors can function as their own shipping company. DropLoaders control their daily schedules, and their services add much-needed assistance to struggling retailers and consumers that want a dynamic, on-demand logistics service. DropLoads provides efficient and safe, same-day contactless shipping for anything as small as an envelope to freight size.

DropLoads, most recently, has begun discussions with the moving industry giant U-Haul. With a potential partnership in play, DropLoads aligns itself with scaling quickly and penetrating other markets beyond logistics’ scope.