Reputation boost

New research reveals that FMCG brands McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have received the highest levels of positive public approval for taking quick and decisive action to suspend business operations in Russia as a result of the ongoing Ukraine conflict

According to the latest analysis from Sensu Insight, McDonald’s came out on top for its response to the Ukraine war, with 28 percent of UK adults, who were aware of its actions, saying their view of the company had improved or significantly improved.

McDonalds received the highest positive score of +592.4, following the brand’s announcement to close all 847 of its Russian restaurants in early March.

Furthermore, Coca-Cola had an impact score of +390.5 underlining the correlation between brands that took swift action against Russia, and an improved public perception.

Sensu Insight’s research also revealed that many customers have changed their purchasing behaviour as a result of a brand’s response to the war.