Sportiqe Announces Grateful Dead by Sportiqe collection, Includes Exclusive Line of T-Shirts Featuring NBA Team Logos

March 22nd, 2013Sportiqe today announced their newest partnership that will bridge the gap between fashion, music and sports.  The launch of the first Grateful Dead by Sportiqe collection will feature the vintage inspired designs Sportiqe is known for, with renowned Grateful Dead inspired artwork. One component of the partnership will include the release of their capsule collection with the National Basketball Association.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this brand new venture with Sportiqe,” said David Lemieux, legacy manager for Grateful Dead.  “We greatly anticipate the debut of the Grateful Dead by Sportiqe collection. We knew Sportiqe Apparel would be the perfect fit for us and we look forward to seeing this partnership flourish.”

“This relationship with Grateful Dead Productions brings Sportiqe full circle,” said Jason Franklin, co-owner of Sportiqe. “We are so honored to be able to bring a collection to the fans of such legendary artists as Grateful Dead. These guys have fans who are quite possibly some of the most devoted music enthusiasts out there.  We truly appreciate how much inspiration they offered the collection and we believe it truly reflects their signature rocker lifestyle and look.  We are so excited to be a part of this and look forward to many great things ahead.”

As for the capsule collection with the National Basketball Association, the line will showcase much of the famed artwork merged with the logos from teams from the NBA. For their debut at retail, Sportiqe will offer the Grateful Dead by Sportiqe collection with the following teams represented: Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Golden State.