Universal Branding and Media Licensing Agency

“I also look at what is happening in the world of licensing,” Schwartz says. “New movies, new TV shows, a hot YouTube brand that is starting to develop momentum.”

Schwartz then presents the brand to the potential licensee, who discusses it internally. If the licensee thinks it’s a fit, negotiations – which can take anywhere from two weeks to six months – take place.

“It’s not just a numbers game, it’s a partnership,” Schwartz says. “The licensee protects the integrity of the brand and the licensor will acknowledge that the licensee knows their category.”

With Minted Labs, Schwartz has brought in Borderlands 3 as a new brand. With Dynacraft, Schwartz successfully negotiated to license Baby Shark, Rainbow Ranges and Ugly Dolls.

Universal Branding and Media represents a variety of manufacturers in lifestyle brands, soft and hard consumer goods and character and entertainment licenses for both wholesale and retail categories. It uses a 360-degree approach to analyze its clients’ opportunities and challenges and seeks to develop a strategy to meet or exceed their goals.