W Diamond Group Corporation

W Diamond Group’s suits can be found in a variety of specialty retailers such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s and Bloomingdales. Every garment is made in the United States by the company’s more than 800 employees, who produce 250,000 suits and sport coats a year from the finest fabrics.

“We want to catch people who want to wear tailored clothing and support the quality of ‘made in America,’ while our merchandising team brings to life fabrics from around the world,” Williams adds. “Customers live in our communities, support our communities and it’s wonderful how passionate our consumer is about supporting ‘made in America.’”

The success of W Diamond’s suits emanates from the product itself, as well as the company’s people and partners and the passion they put into their work, Williams says. “The consumer can really see the passion our team puts into every garment and the way our retail partners service our customers and elevate the experience,” he continues. “We’re imparting the passion of the product to the sales associate, and they pass that to the consumer. When we deliver that product to the consumer, it’s delivering an amazing quality that the consumer recognizes and they feel amazing putting it on. When they walk into one of their important meetings or out to a dinner, they walk in with confidence.”

Hiring Initiatives

Two years ago, Williams realized he wanted W Diamond Group to do more than make amazing suits; he wanted his company to use its resources to make a difference, no matter how small. So, the company implemented a hiring program that focuses on hiring autistic adults. This program is important to Williams because his son has autism, and he understands the significant impact that can have on a family, especially because 85 percent of autistic adults never enter the working world. “We can improve the lives of these individuals and their families by becoming an advocate and an employer for this community and inspiring other companies to do the same,” he says.

W Diamond Group partnered with Exercise Connection to create a working environment that caters to adults with autism. The company has come up with several solutions to common issues for autistic individuals, including communication, social, sensor processing and behavior, so they can be successful in the workplace.

“What our team learned, and I’ve always know as a parent of an autistic son is that individuals with autism are just like everyone else,” Williams explains. “They want to have relationships, live independent lives, set goals and be accepted for who they are. They may need more encouragement and support. So, we’ve created this environment, and it’s amazing to watch their faces when they get a paycheck, knowing that they’ve done a great job. They’re contributing to themselves and their family and now have that personal expression and integration within an organization.”

In addition, W Diamond Group is a family company. When it recruits new people, it tries to find employees whose biggest talent is their enthusiasm for the product, retail partners, fellow employees and the overall brand because that enthusiasm can be infectious. “When people join our company, we give them the tools and support to succeed professionally any way that they want to,” Williams says. “Finding those people who want to be in the tailored clothing business and also have that entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm is difficult. When you find them, they’re diamonds in the rough. So, we focus on bringing young people into the fold, giving them the opportunities to succeed. We foster a spirit of inclusiveness and entrepreneurship, so people can go out and achieve and not fear making a mistake.”

wdiamond boxForward Focused

W Diamond Group is looking for more ways for people to suit up fashionably and comfortably. It will expand its made-to-measure program, which allows consumers to customize a garment to their specifications, including size, trim level and special fabrics. The company is scouring the fabric mills and trim vendors around the world to offer a wider selection of fabrics so more consumers can express their personality through their suits.

Additionally, W Diamond Group monitors its relevance in the marketplace to stay at the forefront of what consumers want, while also helping them appreciate new styles as fashion evolves. To assist with this, the company recently brought on fashion designer David Hart as creative director. “He pushes that forward-thinking style within our company,” Williams notes.

But this initiative wouldn’t work without the passionate people involved in the brand, Williams says. “It’s not just people inside the company; it’s our retail partners and our vendors,” he continues. “Life’s too short to forget that what really builds every business is the people. Whether it’s someone working on the sewing line for 40 years or a new 22-year-old salesperson who’s joined us or works at the retail store – to see the excitement on their face is the biggest joy that I feel.

“You can have a lot of success in your life many ways, but the biggest success I feel is our ability to give back to the community and all of our teams and help them fulfill whatever goals and passions they have.”